Individual Meditation & Meditation Workshops

incenseMeditation opens the mind for the bigger picture. By sitting still many things can happen. However, as sitting still is sometimes hard for our active minds, I mix several holistic techniques. Being an artist myself, creativity and visualization have always been great inspirations for me. The modalities I work with include active and guided meditations, creative visualisation, shamanism, art, breath work and movement. According to the person or group and/or the theme, it can be either more active or more calm.

By transcending the day-to-day thinking mind we can often reach conclusions or a deeper relaxed state of mind that we otherwise would never get to.


Signature meditations:

• Chakra Meditation

• Shiva/Shakti Meditation

• Chakra Dance Meditation

• Inner Journey



Meditation times can vary from 1 to 2 hours.


Try this free Mandala Dance Meditation.


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