Surya Flow / Chakra Flow

Surya Flow is a Vinyasa based flow style integrating ancient Indian practices from Hatha Yoga, as well as new modern influences form the West. The practice centres, grounds and opens the body-mind-spirit and challenges students to leave their comfort zones in order to fully thrive. Each class integrates a wide variety of Sun Salutations, the elements of proper alignment, breath, graceful movement, meditation and a balance between yin and yang: slow and fast, invigorating and calming, strength and flexibility, sound and silence, challenging and nurturing.

Chakra Flow is a Vinyasa based yoga style working specifically with the chakras, either through a class focussed on one chakra, it´s corresponding asanas and breathing exercises and the emotional mind-body connection, or by integrating the seven main chakras into one class that brings the overall energy in the body into flow and unlocks the wisdom of each chakra.




Yoga Therapy Coaching

Private Yoga Therapy addresses the ones that would like to look deeper into and alleviate physical ailments, would like to prepare for a yoga group class or would like to understand the connection between physical manifestations of pain and the underlying believes behind them. Each session is tailored to your needs and predisposition and will give you tools you can continue to work with at home.



Meditation opens the mind for the bigger picture. By sitting still many things can happen. However, as sitting still is sometimes hard for our active minds, I mix several holistic techniques. As an artist, creativity and visualization have always been a great inspirations. The modalities I work with include active and guided meditations, creative visualisation, shamanism, art, breath work and movement. According to the person or group or the theme, it can be either more active or more calm.




Monthly playlists from around the globe. Music to move, to lie in the hammock, to dream, to connect with Self.



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