June 2016: Chakra Immersion Mini Retreat, Berlin

Chakra Immersion Berlin 2016
The Chakra Immersion Mini Retreat takes place from the 25th & 26th of June at Essentis Bio-Hotel in the outskirts of Berlin. We´ll enjoy vegan buffets, nature and a Sauna, plus of course yoga, meditation, dance, colors and journaling.

This Immersion will dive deep into the Chakras. There´ll be 2 hours of yoga each morning, 1 hour of journalling after lunch and 1.5 hours of guided and active meditations in the evenings.

Who are you meant to be in this life?

Our body is a mirror of our mind, our mind is a mirror of our believes and our overall energy is a mirror of both. The ancient Chakra System from India helps us to access a deeper knowledge to fully understand and positively influence our mind-body-spirit connection. In this workshop you´ll work with your earth and sky chakras through yoga, meditation, journalling, dance and drawing to enhance your energy on a mental, physical and emotional level. Gain insight on which chakras are excessive, deficient or in balance and how this influences you in your expression on a day to day basis. Release stuck energy, bring yourself into flow, connect to your intuition and inner wisdom, find ways to balance your emotions and to listen to your heart, and ultimately find new ways to express yourself from your true potential.

No prior experience in yoga, meditation or creative expression required. 


*Chakra Healing & Reiki treatments are available in the free time.


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8.00h: Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Class: 1st-3rd Chakra Earth-Water-Fire


10.00: Vegan Breakfast


12.30h: Journalling for 1st-3rd Chakra Earth-Water-Fire


13.40h: Vegan Buffet Lunch


17.00h: Active & Guided Meditation for 1st-3rd Chakra


19.00h Vegan Buffet Dinner



8.30h: Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Class: 4th-7th Chakra Air-Space-Transcendence


11.00h: Long Vegan Brunch 


15.00h: Journalling for 4th-7th Chakra  Air-Space-Transcendence


16.30h: Chakra Dance Meditation


18.00h Closing 



Energy Exchange: Eur 144.- for the 2 day workshop including the meals, 100% organic and vegan & SAUNA!


Overnight cost is the following:

Single Room 60€/Night

Double Room 37€/Night/Pers.

3 bedRoom 30€/Night/Pers.

4 bedRoom 26€/Night/Pers.


Please book a room by contacting the reception of the hotel: info@essentibiohotel.de or 0049 30 53 00 50-0


To reserve your spot in this retreat (limited availability) please contact: workshops@essentisbiohotel.de

or directly pay through paypal at the bottom of this page.


I look forward to seeing you soon!






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