Yoga: How To Find The Right Teacher?

breathe in peaceThis is for you. All of you who have asked where to find the ‘right’ Teacher Training or the ‘right’ teacher. All of you who wonder what the best way is to be on that path of yoga, on this spiritual journey. All of you who ponder upon some indecision, the if´s and when´s and when not´s. And why yoga, and when yoga, and with whom yoga, and what is the perfect solution. Is there a perfect solution?

Today a very kind mail reached me. Since this short conversation might be equally interesting for all of you, I thought it might be worth to share.

Because, actually this is not about yoga. It´s about life. Yoga is a life long journey, because it is life. Yoga means union, and isn’t that what we all want to feel one way or the other? Union, whole, complete? Nothing missing – at all? You can read the answers below as answers to any other question you might have and it might be just ‘right’.


‘Hello Anne, I just wanted to express my gratitude for your blog and words. Your wonderfully weaved and expressed thoughts really resonate with me and I feel they have strengthened me on my path of self love, enlightenment and yoga :) I stumbled upon your blog through searching for reviews of Himalaya Yoga Bliss and their YTT. I have been asking those who I respect as my teachers and those who are powerfully eloquent in inspiring others on their yogi journey as to where they did their most beneficial training… I hope you don\’t mind me asking which centre or ashram in the world unlocked the most for you in terms of teaching and nurturing. I live in (…) but would gladly travel for support during what feels like my transition and the challenges of YTT Warmest to you from (…) and Happy Chinese New Year ….’


Dear …,
So sweet to hear from you, that was touching :).
To be honest, there was not one center that unlocked the most, but rather a very long path of life long learning and searching for deeper magic behind yoga, and its power to transform whatever can be transformed.
I learned on my own, with teachers, online, did meditation, disciplined myself to start a daily self-practice and went to see lots of healers. Each one of this was a drop on the stone, carving out more of what eventually would lead to nothingness, a space that feels whole and not like a hole.
What I learned through my search for the ‘perfect TTC’ is that it doesn’t exist. Basically it does not matter where or with whom you do it, because you attract what you need in this moment, be it pleasant or not. Some teachers elevate, others show you your shadows and push the buttons. It’s all part of the process.
A TTC is just a seed, the flowering comes afterwards and that’s the work you decide to put in.
But I do have to say, I have been influenced and certainly also transformed by a teacher I have been seeing regularly over many years. Yoga is a life long journey and the deeper you dive the more you find, but guidance is a crucial part, because we tend to not see our own shadows (and also our greatest light), if there is not a teacher reflecting it back to us.
Having that said I’m sure you’ll find what is right for you right now.


‘Thank you so very, very much Anne.
I truly cannot express my gratitude deeply enough for the reverberation of your writings – just now your missive filled my centre with such an overwhelming flood of calm that I just sat with for a while.
- as per your blog I shall find rather than seek and continue to be uplifted and opened by all that you share. Your blog is beautiful.
I hope one day I might see you “on the road”
My heartfelt Gratitude to you’
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