Colors. Sound. Yoga – Interview on Yogomotive

Anne Haack is an avid traveller, DJ, artist and certified Yoga Teacher & Ayurveda Massage Practitioner from Berlin. She´s been immersing herself into yoga for the past 13 years. Anne practices Vinyasa Flow mixed with Hatha and Kundalini. She loves Vinyasa, because she finds it really grounding through the repetition of Sun Salutations, yet it gives her a lot of creative freedom to design classes differently each time. Kundalini and Hatha spark the practice up. 


Read on to find out how Anne finishes up our usual phrases and to see some beautiful photos by Freddie Mac The Photographer (KannjiKilledSwag).

Meeting Anne was great! We discussed Jivamukti yoga, Kundalini yoga, shamanism, she told me loads of interesting facts about peacocks! Anne loves peacocks!

I was born in the Universe.
I have always been fascinated by Shamanism.
I practice yoga, because yoga is life and life is yoga.

Everything has a dual nature, but if you fly to the stars you´ll find out that it gets all mixed up, that male and female are interchangeable and and gravity doesn´t exist. The earth is God´s casino.

By the way… Yoga for me is everything, from cleaning the house to painting a wall to DJing at a party.

Just a few years ago I went through a phase of chaos and despair that actually lead me to where I am now.

Looking back I did everything I wanted to do until now.
I love miracles.

We will all die eventually. But we already die every time we embark on a new phase in our life. So it´s not that bad, just keep calm and breathe.

AnneHaackYoga_Yogomotive_Prayer_©FreddieMacI might as well be an animal.

Everyone gets exactly what he/she imagined for him/herself.
This is my simple religion…see above.
Thanks Anne! Thanks Freddie! Great meeting you!

Let there be more adventures and more love.
Here comes a bonus blue-bus-shot!



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