The biggest question is to ask the questioner: Who are you? Who am I?



Yoga is never ending and as difficult to grasp and to describe as love. Yoga can be calm and active, tranquilizing and energizing, hurtfull and relaxing, stagnating and evolving, it can make you cry and laugh, you might hate and love a teacher, you might want to get rid of it and yet it keeps coming back. Yoga is a total paradox but still means union. Yoga can be absolutely everything and nothing at the same time, such as life.



Healing is a path. It is not a quick fix for a problem or a magic wand that eliminates something we don´t want to see anymore. It is a continuous path we walk on, through which we get to know ourselves. It is something that only can come through ourselves while the ‘healer’ just points us in the right direction. Healing means taking responsibility for our own happiness every single day.


About Anne


Anne Haack is a chameleon, at times a yoga teacher, holistic healer, movement facilitator, meditator, artist and at times a DJ. With a background of 17 years in yoga and healing practices and through her own transformation and awakenings she uses creative meditation techniques, bodywork, art and music as tools to kindle everyones innate Life Force and to connect the inner with the outer Self.

Life is the only real teacher, but she is grateful for all the masters she met along the way, the visible and invisible ones, studying yoga, holistic healing therapies and bodywork in India and Europe for more than 17 years. For her, art and music are also a form of meditation and yoga is primarily a life path to transform the mind, not only the body.

Anne’s work is based on the Ancient Indian / Tantric System of the Chakras. She works with private clients and groups in retreats, workshops and TTC`S. She is the founder of Ayurveda Healing Massage – a massage based on physical and energy work, JUST DANCE – a conscious dance event in Rishikesh, the retreat company Desert U Retreat in the Sahara desert of Morocco and Healing Crystals Jewelry *Mala Magic*.





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