Yoga and Meditation are never ending and as difficult to grasp and to describe as love. It can be calm and active, tranquilizing and energizing, hurtfull and relaxing, stagnating and evolving, it can make you cry and laugh, you might hate and love a teacher, you might want to get rid of it and yet it keeps coming back. Yoga is a total paradox but still means union. It´s a path of Self-Realization that does exactly what it says in the scriptures: Follow the 8 limbs of yoga and your life will change. Promise. 


Healing is a path. It is not a quick fix for a problem or a magic wand that eliminates something we don´t want to see anymore. It is a continuous path we walk on, through which we get to know ourselves. It is something that only can come through ourselves while the ‘healer’ just points us in the right direction. Healing means taking responsibility for our own happiness every single day.


When you´ve done all the yoga, meditation and healing and you notice that there is still some issues at hands, that can´t be magically woo-wooed away, energetically dissolved or with the best intentions changed, it´s time for coaching. It´s time to get an outside perspective from someone with heightened intuition and clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient gifts, to dismantle the tricks of the mind (aka the ego) and get your hands dirty where change only follows inspired action. Enlightenment.


Anne Haack is a intuitive coach and psychic healer, Reiki Master, yoga and meditation teacher, movement facilitator and DJ. Having followed the path of yoga for more than 17 years, she crossed deserts, mountains and rivers to find home inside of herself. Her work is based on the Divine Feminine, the Tantrik system of the chakras and Kundalini energy. Deeply connected to the Himalayas and ancient Indian teachings, where she spent two years learning with sages, she uses music, art, celebration, ceremony, bodywork and movement to support awakened men and women to connect with their Soul Goal and following through on Divine Assignments.

Anne has studied Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga, active and guided meditations, tantra, shamanism, crystals, Reiki Master Level, Kinesiology and different types of Bodywork.

She leads Cacao Ceremonies, workshops, retreats and TTCs, as well as Dance Events and Reiki Trainings.  Anne is the founder of Goddess Initiation, a 2-months online programme to embody each aspect of the Great Goddess; Just Dance – a conscious dance in the Himalayas; and Mala Magic, healing crystal Malas and bracelets from India.