Ubud: The Medicine Center of Bali

Ubud is the center of spirituality, cacao ceremonies and yoga and not just by pure chance: Ubud means medicine (Ubad, Ubuds original name in Bahasa means medicine), not only in herbs, spiritual healers and nature, but also in music, food and temples. Roaming around, I discovered some very magical places in nature, like this unique, ancient, moss covered hidden temple here, with a funky moss face as in Lord of the Rings, which was not even on google maps. And even if the spirituality in Ubud is Indonesian Hinduism, quite different from the one in India, they also pray to Durga and Shiva.



Bali is a Tantrik Island

But the key difference in Bali is, that they worship shadow and light in each temple. The everyday offerings that women bring to the temple three times a day are to the Gods and Demons alike, to remain in balance. Who would have known that Bali is a Tantrik island. But what is Tantra, if not balance, between spirituality and materialism, pleasure and pain, yoga and everything else. And masculine and feminine, of course.

Tantra simply asks us to accept and integrate everything that happens in our life, and above all, to neglect nothing and embrace everything! That´s a hard one for some of us, when the spiritual ego comes into play and says: This is acceptable, but this not! This you can say, but this not! I noticed I was censoring myself big time since I started on the healing path, but to tell you the truth, I still like to swear and to disappear in dark techno clubs, while chanting mantras and channeling some ascended masters. Sometimes it´s quite a thing to bridge that.

We are all multi-dimensional, it´s a reminder to not limit us to one thing only, that´s like denying our God like nature. If God created everything than everything you are, feel and love is part of you and needs to be expressed! Shadow and light.


I also found an ashram and a temple dedicated to one of the ten Tantrik Goddesses, which are usually only (and even there rarely) found in India. In India these goddesses are very strong energetic archetypes, so most of the time the worship only happens in villages away from the official Indian and Western spiritual seekers crowd. This comes at the right time, as I have been working with these Goddesses over the past year in Goddess circles!



A Rishi & The Goddesses

Staying in an artist house in Bankyiam Sidem in Ubud when I arrived, I was surrounded by astonishing ricefields and a path through nature on the highest point of Ubud, which is beyond words. This area is not only part of the ridge walk (I first understood it to be the rich walk, why not, with so much nature around), but it’s situated in a part of Ubud, which is claimed to be holy. And being sensitive to energies this area is truly special, no wonder I was drawn here on my morning running trail.

It’s the place that Rishi Markandya from Java came to find after he had seen a glorious light ascend to the sky and come back down to earth, just around here. A sacred place of rice fields, jungles and divine feminine nature. Ubud means medicine and this area gives a feel of it. There is something about the energy, which simply harmonizes everything by sheer view (just here, away from the center hustle n bustle I mean).

Why am I telling you this? First, because I have a connection with the rishis (sages), especially the invisible ones, and secondly there is divine guidance everywhere we go, if we see the signs.

I only came across this information about the ridge walk and the Rishi looking through a website of a space that offers sound healing in pyramids, built by a couple that had a vision to do this in Ubud. If you look around a bit, you’ll find a few places on Bali that have been built by people simply because they had a vision and received divine guidance to do so! Bali Silent Retreat is another one of those. Because the sages are still around energetically, making sure that the teachings of harmony, peace and balance are being spread through our modern tools and structures.

And thirdly, I had seen in the channeled Goddess meditations before while in India, which now fit very well to the videos I’m recording for the 10-week Goddess Initiation Course. Magic or the Law of Attraction? Maybe just Rishi Markandya still meditating here.


What do you explore?

Also, I’ve been to Ubud two years ago, just before receiving my Reiki Master attunement in India which then spurted a Kundalini Awakening and I found the cave where I spent so much time afterwards. Since then so many things have changed on so many levels, that I feel like a different person. Outwardly you might not notice, inwardly I do. Last time I was here, nothing of these divine facts about Ubud found there way to me. I was more interested in shopping and taking classes (which I still do, but with a different awareness) and did visit some temples, but can’t remember much about anything. I didn’t like Ubud and left for surf and yoga in Canggu. That’s the thing, if you don’t leave the center to explore the outskirts you see such a little fraction only that you actually have no clue about the place.

I also had quite a few realizations here, of mindset and beliefs, which where not mine, not suitable to my situation and not conducive to my growth, which brought shifts in my actions and thoughts. First of all, the whole Bali trip was about allowing myself to want, what I truly want. And to not find excuses to deny it. And then it brought a snake tail of other things up, self-worth, independence versus community and a few more things. The soft healing energy of Ubud does it´s own magic, in it´s own ways. I never noticed that the last time I was here, but almost feel now that I only had to come here, to balance my energies, which was only possible in a different way in India. India is big realizations and shifts, Bali is subtle realizations and shifts. After all, Bali is one of the earth chakras, so it´s a powerful place, too. There is a reason why everything is grouped around Ubud.

The more we start exploring ourselves, the more we start exploring places, finding magic, asking ourselves what it is that makes this place so special. Or simply being guided to the right places at the right time, not much effort needed.

Take that as an allegory to yourself. Most of the time you do always the same, you think the same and you literally don’t leave the good old known center of yourself to see what magic the outskirts hold. The power spots, the divine guidance, the abundance, the beauty. You cling so much to your known center that you don’t even receive the messages that Source or your Higher Self is sending you all day long.

So today I invite you to explore the area where you are living in a new way, going further, finding undiscovered spots and taking that symbolically as a way to discover more about yourself! You know that with every new place we visit, we find out different facets about ourselves, but only when we allow ourselves to sink in, this is when the magic happens!


May it be of service,



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