Tibetan Reiki Level 2

„Light must come from within, you can not ask the darkness to leave. You must turn on the light.“ Sogyal Rinpoche

Taking the Reiki Level 2 Course is a powerful experience, as it increases the ability to give healings to others, strengthens the energy of Reiki with the aid of three secret symbols towards the mind, the emotions or even past and future. It can be used for manifesting, healing long standing issues from the past, as well as mental blockages.

This level is a deepening of Level 1 and teaches you how to heal effects from the past and manifest into the future!


With the aid of secret symbols the Reiki energy gets increased and empowered. It can then be directed specifically into the past, the future, towards the subconscious mind and towards the emotions.

Several meditations and techniques are used to send Reiki over the Distance to another person, to empower goals, to send it for healing into the past and to increase the flow of energy in individual healing session.

The attunement to Reiki Level 2 also raises the vibration of the person receiving it, sparking a new wave of healing frequencies that will shift their life.


Similar to L1, Reiki Level 2 opens the chakras and releases what no longer serves the person. It´s a gradual healing process, which raises the vibration, changes the mind and the outlook on life. Especialy emotional-mental issues can be released very easily with Reiki Level 2. But also physical problems or addictions can be addressed with the symbols.

Furthermore, the symbols are being used as protection, as empowerment and manifestation tools. Level 2 is needed, if you want to send Reiki over distance to another person.


The mental emotional symbol helps to release trauma, heartache, as well as outdated mindsets.


The power symbol helps to increase the power of Reiki and the healing frequencies. It also works as protection for oneself, items and people receiving a session.


The distance symbol allows to send Reiki into the past (like a fight, a trauma, or bad memory) as well as into the future to a desired outcome. It´s also being used for distance healing sessions.

The Charité Berlin has several Reiki Practitioners employed.

Reiki helps to:

• de-stress and deeply relax
• increases immunity
• increase intuition
• heal physical ailments faster
• release energetic blockages
• let go of unwanted habits
• increase overall energy and well-being
• connect to spirit
• heal emotional issues
• increase the vibration in each chakra
• heal yourself and others
• bring a sense of flow and lightness into your life

You´ll learn:

• the us of the 3 secret symbols
• meditations for the symbols
• chakra philosophy
• crystals and chakras
• energy protection and energy clearing techniques
• distance Reiki sessions

You`ll receive:

• a Reiki Certificate Level 2 upon completion
• a Reiki Manual with Instructions
• a 4-step Reiki Attunement to open your energy channels & attune the chakras to higher frequency

Who is Reiki for:

• everybody on the path of enlightenment
• everybody interested in raising their vibration
• everyone wanting to learn a natural healing method for themselves, family and friends
• everyone interested in energy work
• everyone on the path self-inquiry
• everyone on the path of personal development
• empaths, and highly sensitive people to strengthen their skills
• everyone wanting to release old patterns and traumas
• massage therapists, healers, (yoga) teachers, meditators, community or social workers, who’d like to strengthen their healing & hands-on work
• everyone who works primarily with their hands and would like their work to be enhanced through this powerful energy (artists, musicians, chefs, etc.)


“Firstly, I wanted to thank you. The 21 days changed me immensely and have been effective in breaking many bad habits which I plan to continue living without, such as drinking alcohol and caffeine. I had several break through over the few weeks and feel like a lot of healing took place.” – Claire (UK)

“Aber am besten ist meine morgendliche Reiki-Sitzung. Das ist ja wirklich Wahnsinn, was das bewirkt. Vielleicht bilde ich mir das auch nur ein, aber mein Wohlbefinden hat sich unglaublich gesteigert. Ich bin sowas von relaxt und tiefenentspannt – obwohl es im Moment im Job sowas von hoch her geht. Echt unglaublich. Und ich halte daran fest: Jeden Morgen um halb sechs geht der Wecker und dann geht es los. Keine Ahnung, warum ich mich gerade so zufrieden fühle und das Gefühl habe, dass alles total perfekt ist. Vielleicht liegt es an was anderem, vielleicht am Reiki. Die äußeren Umstände haben sich jedenfalls nicht verändert. ” – Kerstin (GER)

“Hi Anne,
I am writing because it has been 21 days since receiving my attunement and it has been an awesome three weeks. I have never felt so “in flow” and in tune with the world around me and I have appreciated all the personal insights that have arisen through my daily Reiki sessions. New habits have definitely been formed. Thanks for everything! ” – Sarah (US)

NEXT DATES: 23. May 2020
TIME: 10 – 18h
PLACE: online (if circumstances permit in person) PRICE: 350€
CONTACT: info@annehaack.net

The course is only booked on prior payment. The places are limited to 6 pax max.

Anne Haack is a medium, master healer, DJ and embodiment coach. Her travels have led her to India, where she spent several years learning from an ancient sage, as well as prolonged times of meditation in the Himalayas. She has studied Shamanism, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Kinesiology, Bodywork, Tantra, Crystal Healing and the mind-body-connection over 20 years.

She is the founder of Just Dance Rishikesh, a conscious dance in the Himalayas, as well as Goddess Initiation, a Divine Feminine Self-Realization Course for women.