This is for the Women Who´ve Got It

AnneHaack_beach_webThis for the women…

Who decided to leave the old path and embark on an entirely unknown journey.

Who noticed that good and old is not what makes the soul grow.

Who acted against all fears of the unknown and bravely kept walking forward.

Who decided that listening to the heart is more rewarding than listening to the voice of reason.

Who ignored all concerns of people who never left their old path, to stay true to themselves.

Who decided that the inner compass can only be found inside, not outside.

Who decided to follow the urge of fulfillment, instead of the desire for comfort.

Who ditched old habits, behaviors, friends and family to experience: Life.

Who decided to work on themselves first, so that circumstances and people around them could change.

Who decided to inquire deeper to find Truth in their heart, so that they could find Truth in the heart of others, too.

This is for the women…

Who actually give a fuck. So much so that they know change is only possible, if something inside of them changes.

Who inquire into themselves, take classes, courses and meet people to exchange ideas, because they know no one in their old environment actually gives a fuck. So it´s up to them to be the change they wish to see.

This is for the women…

Who give up everything for the sake of finding themselves, rescuing their soul, to be ALIVE in this LIFE.

This is for the women…

Who decide to get their hands dirty. Digging deep in the darkest corners of their soul. Releasing shadows, releasing fears, releasing demons long hosted.

Who decide to face their inner most darkest hours, so they can face the inner most darkest hours of their loved ones, too. And all of a sudden darkness disappears.


This is for the women…

Who`ve got it.

Walking the path of the Unknown, the Uncomfortableness, the Challenges, the Growth, constantly Evolving.

There is only one path. There is only one Life. There is only one YOU.


~ Anne Haack

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