Tantra LOVE Workshop

Sri-Yantra-Sri-Chakra-Shree-Yantra-Symbol-And-Its-MeaningThis workshop is an invitation to playfulness, surrender, meditation and movement in a safe space where we explore the subtleness of tantric energetics, the energy flow in our body, the connection between the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and how to work with the polarities between men and women. 

The right-hand path of Tantra is a path of union, it´s the path of the heart, the path of love, it´s the path of the Divine Feminine in harmony with the Sacred Masculines. By consciously dropping into our body and guiding our innate life force and love energy through the chakras, relating in presence and communicating from the heart, a space opens that gives way to great healing, understanding and connection beyond words.
Oftentimes a lot deeper, sweeter and intimate then usually experienced between two partners.
The most simple techniques are the most profound ones. So in this workshop we focus on playfulness, movement and connection concluding with a tantrik partner meditation to transcend the barriers of the mind, see beyond the two eyes, and feel the subtle and fine energies creating a vortex of expansion.
Tantra is one of the most ancient forms of yoga and meditation. It´s also one of the highest forms of spiritual practice, using Kundalini and sexual energy at the root to transmute them into higher energies that open up the heart, the third eye and deep spiritual connection. Way more then a practice, Tantra is a way of life. It´s philosophy is to embrace everything life has to offer and transform every experience into spiritual experiences.
Tantra is about inclusion, where other theories and practises are about exclusion. Ultimately it´s about living life to the fullest, but it is also about seeing more then the normal two eyes are usually capable of seeing. Tantra is lifting the veil. The veil of stuck emotions, the veil of suppressed memories, and the veil of illusionary conditioning, so that life force energy can flow freely and move through us in a holistic and all-inclusive way.

**There will be no nudity in this workshop and an emphasize on personal boundaries is set.**


‘Tantra transforms ordinary lovers into Soulmates.’ ~ OSHO


DATE: 08. December

TIME: 18 – 20h

PLACE: Kreuzberg, given upon registration

CONTACT: info@annehaack.net


EARLY Bird: 25€ till 26th November

Normal Price: 30€ thereafter

Make sure to register in advance as place is limited and we need an equal ratio of men and women in the best case.

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