Surya Flow: Yoga Teacher Training – Morocco – June 2017

Be Your Own Guru: Surya Flow Yoga Teacher Training – Morocco – June 2017


This yoga teacher training is here to transform you. We want you to walk your path confidently as a student as well as a teacher. Learn how your own life story and personal experience is what will make your teaching and practice unique & powerful, no matter which background you are coming from. This training is a place to deepen your personal practice according to your body, its advantages, challenges and sweet spots, and learn how to honor that in your practice and teaching. There is no one size fits all yoga.


Deepen your understanding of yoga as a spiritual path to live your life (joy)fully, in harmony with body, mind and spirit. Get in touch with your deepest desires, dreams and potential and see how your believes not only shape your world, but also your body. You´ll be guided through this rich experience all the way with new tools how to express your self as the best version you can be today, so you can lead others confidently on their path.


However, this training is not a piece of cake. It requires commitment, perseverance and the will to acknowledge your light as well as your shadows, to fully embrace yourself at the place were you are right now. It will challenge your believes, actions and habits, so you can identify the road blocks that might be holding you back in your every day life. As on the mat so off the mat, we say.


What Will You Get

We are here to provide you with a holistic program that transcends the regular Yoga Teacher Training syllabus by far, including different ceremonies of energy healing for yourself, a deep understand of the Chakras and how they connect practically on a physical, mental and emotional level, joyful meditations in movement plus guided visualizations, to find the best way for yourself to meditate and experience yoga = union. The asana classes will be a combination of tradional Hatha Yoga elements, with modern Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Elements weaved together into Surya Flow, a rare combination of yoga styles combined with energetic practices. You´ll learn how to up- and down-level your own practice and how to combine different styles of yoga to make to create consistency throughout the class. Only when you tap into the powerhouse that is your body, activated by your breath and guided by your mind, you´ll be able to transmit the same back to others.


This training is accredited by Yoga Alliance International and contains the main pillars of asana, pranayama, meditation, art of teaching, adjustments, anatomy, yoga philosophy and yoga business, next to practice labs given on Chakra Work, Energy Healing, Personal Transformation and Teacher-Student relationship.


Who Can Join the Training?

This training is open for everyone, who is willing to commit to themselves for 28 days, to radically transform anything that is ready to be transformed, healed, uplifted and energized. This training is not only aimed at future teachers but also at yoga students, who´d like to spend dedicated quality time with themselves, their practice, learn more about the different aspects of yoga next to asanas and the beauty that is the ever evolving mystery behind this ancient science.



AnneHaack_b_n_w_webThe training is lead by Anne Haack, who has crossed desert, mountains and rivers to finally find home inside of herself. She´s here to help people transform to bridge the inside with the outside world. Her path has lead her to many spiritual countries, including several times in India, many healers, bodyworkers, gurus and teachers, but she ultimately sees life as the only real teacher. Her work is primarily focussed on the chakras, energy centers in the body, to help people understand mentally, what they experience physically, emotionally and spiritually. Apart from that she loves to create and bring creativity into her classes, workshops, retreats, trainings and individual healing sessions, in which art, music and meditation go hand in hand. For Anne, yoga is not only a way to transform the body, but especially the mind.

She´ll be joined by guest teachers specialized on different subjects during the training.



The training includes delicious healthy breakfast with varied fruits, muesly, homemade pancakes and homemade bread, juices, tea, coffee etc., varying vegetarian international / Moroccan dinners, plus afternoon fuits, snacks and tea. Glutenfree, dairy free, sugar free and other requests can be included, if known in advance.

The food is selected in accordance with the intensity of the training and will provide a wide variety of healthy choices of fruits, vegetables, greens, salads, soups, whole grains, teas, juices etc., to keep you fit, fresh, nourished and light at the same time.


The Location

The yoga villa is located at a beautiful, clean and quiet beach in a little fisher village at the coast of Morocco, close to Agadir and Taghazout. The house encompasses an open air patio for lounging and relaxing, a dining / living room, a Sauna, a Jacoozi and a yoga shala overlooking the ocean. In ten minutes walk you are at the beach for walks, sun bathing and relaxing off time. Excursions to nearby Paradise Valley with it´s natural pools, to the mountains for a nature walk or by bus to Agadir, the next town, are all possible in the free time. Next to yoga there´ll also be SUP Yoga boards to play in the water.



The accommodation is in double or twin, triple or single rooms with a stylish interior of modern boho and ancient Moroccan design. Each room encompasses its own bathroom, has a wardrobe for clothes and balcony or ocean view windows.



3rd of June – 1st of July, 2017


Twin Room: 3240€ pp

Triple Room: 2943€ pp

Double Room: 4230€ single person pp

Early Bird Discount till 1st of November

Twin/Double Room: 2890€ pp

Triple Room: 2520€ pp

Double Room: 3870€ single person pp

Discount till 1st of December

Twin/Double Room: 3060€ pp

Triple Room: 2700€ pp

Double Room: 4050€ single person pp


The discount is only available if deposit is payed in directly at booking.


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