100h Shakti Warrior Training • Rishikesh, India

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Shaktis, you are called to merge with the Divine Feminine! The Feminine is flowing stronger through each and everyone of us and asks you to step up your game. She is asking you to be the warrior, the lover, the creatrix and the wise women, the healer, the mother and the Divine channel of transformation: to get real, raw and roguely yourself.

The Shakti Warrior Training is here to connect you with your truth, your power and your Divine essence.

It is a way to invoke the Goddess within in the motherland of Goddesses, India! Through feminine sacred arts, tantra, yoga, meditation, shamanism, dance and ceremonies you’ll balance the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine within and become a leader of women´s circles to empower not only yourself but also others.

Rishikesh is the land of the Rishis – the ancient seers, nestled in the Himalayas with mother Ganga flowing through. It´s a mystical and magical place that makes transformation easy and enjoyable.

We´ll do excursions in and around Rishikesh to visit ancient Devi temple, see the sunrise from the mountain peaks, participate in Ganga ceremonies and indulge in many chais, chappaties and vegan treats.


What you´ll learn in these two weeks is to see the difference between challenges for growth and unnecessary challenges, which are distractions from the real Soul task at hand.


It means tapping into your full potential, without having a road map or plan, because it´s uniquely yours.


It means seeing yourself in the mirror and saying: I love you completely as you are.


It means embracing yourself as the power of creation, the Universe herself.


You´ll leave India empowered, so that you can empower others in your unique way, as a channel for the Divine.


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What`s included

The practices are powerful tools of awakening life force energy within, moving and cultivating it through diverse movement forms such as dance, martial arts and yoga, as well as meditation and stillness, complemented by nature practices, energy work, mindset and consciousness methods.

We will also work with the 10 Mahavidyas, the Tantrik Goddesses that are a manifestation of the Great Goddess, cleansing all of the chakras to open up different aspects of the subconscious mind to develop and empower our full potential, strength, emotions, psychic gifts and spiritual connection.

The training includes a 2-Day excursion to powerful Devi Temples in Uttrakhand, excursions in and around Rishikesh to caves, Ganga beaches and waterfalls, evening ceremonies and fire pujas, as well as Satsang with highly evolved masters.


The Practices:

• Feminine Yoga & Meditation 

• Movement & Chi Flow Practices

• Sacred Dance & Martial Arts

• Traditional Vedic Rituals & Pujas (Ceremonies)

• Women Circle & Leadership Training

• Initiation into the Tantrik Goddesses Path

• Shamanic Principles & Moon Magic

• Kundalini Activations

• Sisterhood Circle for the Emergence of the Kundalini Era

• Group Coaching with Anne Haack – Energy Coach & Psychic Healer

• 2-Day Pilgrimage to Shakti Temples & Initiations in Uttrakhand

• Nature Excursions & Cave Visits & Waterfalls 


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Sample Schedule

08.00am Yoga & Movement & Martial Arts Class

10.00am Breakfast

11.30am Feminine Embodiment & Leadership Training

1.00pm free time

3.30pm Goddess Invocation / Tantra / Shamanism

5.00pm Mindset & Meditation & Sacred Dance

7.00pm Evening Puja & Ceremony on special days

8.00pm Dinner



Rishikesh is the land of the ancient sages – the Rishis – living in the Himalayas and many immortal saints, illumined beings and yogis, such as Sivananda, Vishnudevananda and Ramakrishna. It´s a small Ashram village nestled into the Himalayas on both sides of the Ganges river with many temples, spiritual ceremonies, mantra chanting, chai shops and wondering Babas.

Our center is located on the side of Laxman Jhula bridge, with modern facilities and a vegan restaurant. The rooms are spacious and modern with their own bathroom, some with a balcony too. The area is surrounded by mountains, several cafés, crystal shops and ashrams and invites to stroll along Ganga beaches, sit in a café and read or take a trip to the nearby waterfalls.


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The Room Options

We have several twin rooms available for the training. However, if you wish to have your own room, we can arrange that as well.


The Food

There will be delicious vegan breakfast and dinner served everyday, including Indian and Western cuisine. For lunch time you have plenty of shops, vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafés nearby, including organic stores.


About Anne

AnneHaack_Profile_black_n_white_webAnne Haack is a intuitive coach and psychic healer, Reiki Master, yoga and meditation teacher, movement facilitator and DJ. Having followed the path of yoga for more than 17 years, her work is based on the Divine Feminine, the Tantrik system of the chakras and Kundalini energy. Deeply connected to the Himalayas and ancient Indian teachings, where she spent the past two years learning from sages, she uses creative meditation techniques, rituals, ceremony, bodywork and movement to support awakened women in connecting with their Soul Goal and following through on their Divine Assignments.

Anne has studied Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga, active and guided meditations, shamanism, crystals, Reiki Master Level, Kinesiology, Tantra and different types of Bodywork.

She leads Cacao Ceremonies, chakra workshops, retreats and TTCs, as well as dance events, Reiki Trainings and Massage Courses.

She is the founder of Goddess Initiation, a 5-months online programme to embody each aspect of the Great Goddess; Just Dance – a conscious dance in the Himalayas; and Mala Magic, healing crystal Malas and bracelets from India.




11. – 25. March 2019


until 27. December 2018

1000€ shared room / 1200€ single room

Regular Price afterwards

1200€ shared room / 1400€ single


A 200€ deposit secures your spot. The rest is due till the 11th of February, payment options are available. 

After booking, send an email to info@annehaack.net to receive all further travel and booking information



How to Get to India

You need a visa to come to India. For short periods of 4 weeks, an e-visa can be issued within 48h via this site. If you wish to stay longer, check in with your local Indian Embassy what that requires.

There is a lot of options for flying to India. Aeroflot, KLM and Air France are the most convenient options go-and-return from Berlin. Quatar Airways and Jordanian also fly from Frankfurt and Munich.


Check google flights and skyscanner for the best options from your home country.


For more information and help on travel arrangements, email us anytime: info@annehaack.net

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