Reiki Course – Level 2

In Level 2 you will get an atunement for 3 Reiki symbols, which increases the energy flow and work on specific areas and themes in life. You will learn how to use the symbols for emotional and mental healing, increased energy in the healing sessions, room cleaning and protection, as well as sending Reiki over distance. We´ll work with specific meditations and techniques to use Reiki over distance, to send healing energy to relationships, goals, past and future, as well as to release trauma, addictions and outdated patterns.


Reiki 2 helps to:

• increases immunity
• heal physical ailments faster
• protect ones own energy field
• clear the room, patients or objects of negative energy
• heal emotional, mental and long-lasting blockages
• release trauma and emotional pain
• send energy to past and future
• send energy over distance
• heal relationships
• release addictive patterns


You´ll learn:

• the use and meaning of the 3 Reiki symbols
• additional information on the 7 main chakras
• the connection between emotions and the body
• introduction into chakra crystals
• sending Reiki over distance, to past and future
• meditations to support the process


You`ll receive:

• a Reiki Certificate Level 2 upon completion
• a Reiki hand-out
• a 4-step Reiki atunement for increased energy and to get atuned to the symbols


Who is Reiki for:

• everybody who is interested in energy work
• everybody on the path of self-healing
• everybody who´d like to learn more about him/herself
• massage therapists, healers, therapists, yoga teachers, who like to strengthen and enhance their (healing) work


Each committed practitioner is encouraged to give him/herself a 21-day self-healing with Reiki, to clear the channel and his/her own energy further. The second atunement might bring up deeper issues that haven´t been surfacing before with atunement Level 1. This supports the cleaning of ones channel, so that old and stagnant energy can be released. It will increase the person´s own energy and help to release outdated patterns and unconscious blockages. Sometimes this might result in uncovering of old trauma, unreleased emotional hurt, karmic patterns or unconscious beliefs that no longer serve the practitioner, so that he/she is free of these unconscious patterns when starting to work on other people.

The cleaner the energy and the channel of the practitioner, the greater the results in each individual Reiki session. The more we clear our own field, the subtler the energy that we can perceive.


PRICE: 350€

DATES: 23. – 24. Juni, 2018

PLACE: Berlin Neukölln


Disclaimer: The reserve your spot the course has to be payed in full. It can be cancelled up to one week before the course start. After that the full price is to be payed.





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