Distant Healing

A Distant Healing session helps your to deeply rest, relax and restore. Energy can be send for overall restoration of the immune system or to specific body parts for physical, emotional or mental ailments. It helps to release negative energy from the aura and chakras, restores each energy center and gives a deep sense of happiness, fullfillment and relaxation. It´s very similar to a personal healing session, sometimes even stronger!

After scheduling a time with me, you come to lie down comfortably with closed eyes to receive the healing. Afterwards we have an exchange over skype on what action steps you can take afterwards to further the healing process.


A Distant Healing helps to:

• release physical ailments

• get a deep sense of relaxation and renewal

• release stress and anxiety

• release negative or blocked emotions

• uplift the mood

• support the immune system in healing

• restore the overall energy level of the body

• support a healing process next to allopathic medicine

• heal emotional wounds


One session (60 min, incl. skype meeting afterwards) • 80€ / $87

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Package of 2 sessions • 150€ / $174

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Package of 3 sessions • 220€ / $255

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After booking your session, send an email to info@annehaack.net or fill in the form below with your time preferences and your time zone. I´ll be in touch within 48h. 


“Wow, I feel really warm now, and more relaxed than I´ve felt in the past few weeks! I could feel some tingling in my hands and underneath my body and at the top of the head. It´s like a warm blanket has been wrapped around me. And I also had visions and dreams in the sessions! Thanks a lot, Anne!” – Larissa (UK)


“I could really feel where you were, especially at my heart, which needed a bit of healing. And I´m super relaxed now, I feel much ligter than before!” – Pauline (FR)


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