Satsang is a Sanskrit word and means meeting in Truth. It´s a place to come together and meet with others on the spiritual path to explore Divinity, yourself and humanity as a whole.

It´s a space to bring in questions, let go of the mind and feel whatever arises in the moment.

It´s a space to be yourself and receive guidance, if that is what you are looking for.

It´s a space to meet God in yourself and others.

It´s a space to feel what Presence means.

It´s a space to expand in Love.

It´s a space to remember what it means to let go of the struggle

and to simple Be.

Honest, real and authentic.


‘Life is simple. The only one making things complicated is the mind.’ ~ Anne Haack


Date: 02 / 09 / 16 December

Time: 19.00h

Place: Zsoma, Ohlauer Str.3, 10999 Berlin (use the bell on the building door)

Price: donation of 5-10€ for the room


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