Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra in Everyday Life

crown chakra illustration

• When do you feel guided by something greater? 

• How do you connect spiritually in your day to day life?


All these questions (and more) relate to the Crown Chakra, the seventh chakra on the Chakra Journey. The Sahasrara Chakra is the channel for God consciousness and the Higher Self. When it is blocked, we might find it difficult to connect to spirituality and our divine purpose. When it is overactive we might be only in ethereal, spiritual realms receiving lots of downloads and guidance, but being unable to ground these into the physical place. When it is under-active we might find it difficult to understand the guidance that comes through, connect to a greater power than ourselves and surrender to the path. When it is in balance, we have a strong connection to our Higher Self, guidance from angels, God consciousness and divine messages, yet being able to connect the invisible with the visible, manifest world.


What does the Crown Chakra mean in Everyday Life?

The crown chakra is the 7th Chakra of the 7 main energy centers in our body: Sahasrara (Sanskrit: सहस्रार, IAST: Sahasrāra, English: “thousand-petaled”)

The crown chakra is the spiritual chakra, the ‘you are I am not’ dissolving into the greater mystery of existence. It´s the place of detachment from worldy life, the body, the thinking mind, the senses, the feeling, the emotions and the experiences. It is giving it all away for something greater to come through in order to become a vessel for God´s creation through a human body. Once the ego has left the building, God can move in. Once the ego is out, all darkness and ignorance is dispelled and light shines forth – hence the term ENLIGHTENMENT.

The crown chakra is particularly influenced by attachment.

There is no element associated with this chakra and no sense that corresponds to it. The color is purple, the beej mantra is a silent Om.

There is no body part related to the crown chakra, as it is not connected to the central nervous channel in the spine anymore, but sits above the body on the auric field.

To start working with the Ajna chakra, use the affirmation below and download the FREE CHAKRA CHART to learn more about it´s benefits and the influence on your body, mind and spirit.

Crown chakra affirmation


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