Sacred Love: Tantra Basics

** follow the heart **
In this 2-Day Workshops you´ll activate and open all chakras, get deep, down and raw with your emotions, needs and boundaries, activate sexual energy to use it for the opening of the heart and transcend the limitations of the mind, learn meditations and techniques for deeper intimacy, authentic relating and worship in a partnership, as well as energy movement, dance and connection for soulful sharing!

The practices are based on teachings from ancient Tantric traditions of India, mindset work, energy healing and grounding and can be done with or without a partner. Several of the activities will be in the whole group, while others will be one-on-one with female / male partners for activation and polarities between the chakras, which brings the greatest transformation in terms of depth of energy work, healing and expansion of consciousness.

Through Tantra traumas can be healed, old patterns from childhood that are usually hidden revealed and released, deep openings of the heart experienced and prolongued states of intimate connection with your partner as well as strangers allowed.

No nudity is involved in this workshop.

** Der Workshop wird auf Deutsch oder Englisch abgehalten, je nach Teinehmern.**

DATE: 26. & 27. Janaury 2019

TIME: 14 – 20h

PLACE: Kreuzberg, exact location to be given upon registration via email

PRICE: 100€ till 14th January via paypal // 120€ thereafter



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