Tibetan Reiki Courses: 1 – 3

You can receive attunements to all Reiki Levels with me.

All courses are available over distance too, via skype and distant attunement including practices.

Level 1 is the first attunement as a practitioner, allowing your to give healings to yourself and others and start your journey working with energy!

Level 2 attunes you to the three main symbols of Reiki. With these you work more specifically on mental-emotional healing, trauma release, releasing addictions, healing over distance, as well as room cleansing and protection.

Level 3 is the highest level of attunement and similar to the frequencies of 5D. You receive the Tibetan and Usui Master Symbols, plus the powerful Kundalini Symbol to activate life force energy for healing and manifestation. The course also includes modules on how to teach Reiki, how to attune students to Reiki energy, how to work with crystals and crystal healing, perform psychic surgery and use Reiki for visualization and self-realization.