Reiki: How It Benefits You and Others

Reiki is a mystery. As much as there is scientific evidence about how it works and what its benefits are, there is still something about this energy that is almost inexplicable. Reiki has been in my life for several years and has guided me to new insights, healing and magic – on myself and during sessions with clients. It´s a very subtle influence, but it is constantly there and slowly and gradually it will help you let go of everything that doesn´t serve you any longer. As for many of you it might still be hard to grasp what this means, I´ll try to explain practically how Reiki works and how it benefits you and other on your spiritual path of self-healing, self-inquiry and deeper sense of peace.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is constituted of two Japanese words, ‘Rei’ which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and ‘Ki’ which is “life force energy”. So Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy”. Just as prana is the Life Force Energy in ourselves, which we can increase through breath work, yoga and meditation, Reiki is the increased Universal Life Force Energy that we channel.  Just as yoga, Reiki is a path to enlightenment and complete emotional freedom, moksha. I might actually even say that practicing both together has a tremendously strong effect on your overall system.

Reiki in and off itself is a hands-on technique, in which channeled Universal healing energy is transmitted through your hands to the receiving person. It is not your energy (which corresponds to prana or bioenergy), but a greater energy for which your become a channel. Often is is described or seen as white light, though according to the level of the practitioner it can also be seen as purple, blue or gold. Through the opening of your channel in a sacred attunement process, the natural healing capacity of yourself increases and the energy transmitted can now be guided to specific locations and purposes in the body. Primarily and in the beginning stages of learning this is only meant to be for yourself, but once you have passed the 21 days of self-healing you also start using for others.


Reiki versus Kundalini Awakening and the Chakras

Through the opening of the Reiki channel, your chakras get attuned, which means that they start spinning on a faster speed, releasing old residue and cleaning up what doesn´t serve you any longer. This is similar to what happens in a Kundalini awakening, though Kundalini tends to be a lot more forceful and uncontralable, whereas Reiki is softly moving through all of the chakras bit by bit. The whole cleansing process can take up to several months or years, as there is always something more to be released.


What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki helps to de-stress, strengthen the immune system, increase concentration and clarity, relieve physical ailments, releases negative energy, increases self-healing and establishes a greater sense of well-being. It gives peace of mind, a relaxed body and a greater connection to spirit. Plus it also helps to let go of unhealthy habits, emotions and behaviors. This could result in letting go of excessive drinking of coffee (which results in increased acidity, which results in increased stress, which results in unbalanced emotions), smoking, taking intoxicants, not accepting unhealthy relationships or environments any longer or starting to take notice of events from the past that still need healing.

Reiki can be used for multiple purposes, such as healing of body, mind and spirit, increased energy for goals and projects, releasing stress and tension from relationships, past events or trauma and increased energy for the future. One of the remarkable effects of Reiki is, that it can be sent over distance, too.

Furthermore, Reiki helps to bring things to light, which have been long buried in the subconscious mind. It does work with the shadows first, to let more light enter. Depending on the person, this can bring up old emotions, traumas or unhealed issues from childhood, in order to clear the channel of the practitioner, which is often referred to as initial worsening symptoms. However, this only means that what is passed on lateron after the cleansing process is over, is as clear as possible.

Reiki can also spontaneously relieve physical symptoms, which Western medicine could otherwise not explain or treat. It can be used in addition to cancer or HIV therapy to increase the energy level of the person and help the body to assimilate chemical treatment better.


The History of Reiki

The natural system of healing was discovered by the Japanese teacher Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922 after 21 days of intense meditation and fasting in the mountains, after which spontaneous enlightenment and the capacity for self-healing occurred. He had been on a long search for the healing modalities of Jesus and Buddha and through ancient Sanskrit scriptures found a method that would allow him to heal injuries, as well as mental and emotional problems through channeling of divine energy through the hands. On his way back down from the mountain, Dr.Usui slipped and injured his foot. On placing his hands on the foot, spontaneous healing occurred. By noticing this, he started to pass it on to others and created the Reiki System for Natural Healing.


From Sessions

One client for example had a recurring numb feeling in one half of her body. After a Reiki session the feeling subsided and she even experienced flashes of energy running through her body throughout the day.

Once in India, I worked with a client who had a strong pain in his wrist, which kept coming back and was always switching from being better to being worse. Upon working specifically on the hand chakras he felt an intensifying pain and the movement of the energy in his hands, which subsided after the session.

Yet another client had strong physical reactions in our sessions in the desert, sneezing and tearing, while emotions and energetic blockages got relieved and the sense of peace and emotional release set in after the treatments.

And in Thailand, one client had the miracle of seeing a Unicorn in her session, a connection to the spirit world and higher guidance. Yes, they do exist.

As you can see, the reactions in sessions can vary from physical, to emotional to spiritual, but something is always moving. Sometimes it might even continue after the session, as Reiki always goes, where it is needed most.



“I want to dearly thank you for the generous Reiki session – it was helpful in a crazy strange way even though im really a skeptic about these things. I’m glad to have met you because somehow it has lead me to realise that I need healing in my life and that i’ve really been ignoring that. In some sense I feel now like beginning a quest of healing.” – Rebana J. (India)




Learning Reiki

Level I teaches you the basic hand positions, the history of Reiki and how to use this energy on your own body and on others.

Level II and III fine tune the energy, the capacity to use it for specific purposes mentally, spiritually or emotionally, as well as for past and future.

Level IV is the master teacher level to learn the techniques for passing it on to others.


If you´d like to learn this ancient healing system, I invite you to join the ‘Yoga & Reiki Xmas Retreat’ in Sri Lanka, where you´ll learn Level 1 alongside with accompanying meditations and yoga. Find out more here.

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