Part 2: Money and Spirituality – Being Gifted & Guided

A couple of days ago I left the house early morning and started walking without nothing, no bag, no cash, no water bottle. Just my body and the keys for the room. At some point I started doing a walking meditation, which I usually teach in workshops, which is simply slowing down tremendously and stepping each foot forward on inhale and exhale, just looking down at the feet. Just becoming aware. Sounds simple but can be hard for some people. As you walk with no goal or direction, you just watch the feet and where they want to lead you. And as the feet slow down, so does the mind.
In the end I ended up at a small chai shop all the way up behind the village. The chai shop grandpa waved at me and said: chai chai! But since I had no cash, I said, no money. But he waved me over to sit down and take a chai anyways. Then a guy next to me started playing some music from youtube, which was totally my style and invited me for a second chai. Turns out he is a guide form a local adventure company and knows every part of the mountains. Since I never went trekking around Rishikesh he said, ok let´s go on a small trek here. And he brought me to a beautiful waterfall with a natural pool in front of it, where I drank some water, to a Hanumanji temple and then further up all the way on the mountain to a little campside with five bambu huts and a Guruji just living behind.

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Since Rishikesh is a noisy place lately due to massive construction work, I was like oh wow, I have to come here! This camp side is host to another natural waterfall, which comes down in terrasses, so that there are several pools to bath in. I put my feet in one and all of a sudden had a lot of little fish nibble on my feet. I remembered that just recently in the Kalari Training in Kerala we visited a local handicraft market site outside of Calicut, which hosted an artificial fish spa, and I got my feet pedicured by these fish for 50 Rupees. Now in the mountains I got it for free.
Then Sumit, my guide, came back and said the mint tea is already waiting, and so that was also served.
All in one day, leaving the house with no cash.

Rishikesh_terasses_webIn the evening I moved up to the huts and it turned out that my hut neighbor was the same guy meditating as much in Vashishta Gufa as me last year, just that this year because of road construction we both felt a bit out of alignment with the place. Turns out that here 2km above the huts is a natural Shiva cave, where Shiva himself used to meditate, where basically nobody ever goes because it´s a steep uphill trek. And I only came to know about it recently through someone from the JUST DANCE sessions! Everything coming to full circle here.


So today I invite you to leave your phone, your wallet and your bag at home and simply take a stroll through your neighborhood to see what you end up discovering! Enjoy!

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