Paradis Plage – New Yoga Playlist! (a trip back on memory lane)

AnneHaackYoga_ParadisPLage_Shala_Morocco_webSummer sounds for you! Some of you asked me about the mixes I play in class, so I put the last one up on Spotify. As most of you know, I´ve been a DJ before committing fully to the yoga path, and I still live that passion in class through my yoga playlists. Lots of the mixes bring me back on memory lane to the OM-azing years we had in Barcelona, where I officially started DJing in Sidecar and Sala Apolo with a whole bag full of global beats/world music tunes. The later years and moving around and then back to Berlin eventually brought me over to the bass and house side of things (what to do), but the global sound is still the one closest to my heart, plus it never gets old! So many tracks I listened to 10 years ago and they still get me dancing around the house! “Pata Pata” is one of them. Miriam Makeba, Mama Africa, has a voice that is so distinct, it gets straight into the heart (and the hips, haha!). I found this track on the Bongo Lounge compilation many moons ago, back then when Dope Brother Prof. Angeldust and deLippo were throwing massive Bongo Lounge parties in the old theatre La Paloma en el Raval in Barna every Thursday. Dancers, Aerials, DJ´s, bands, glamour. Ah, such good times!


Music connects me a lot to memories. Yoga teaches us to be present and live in the now, but I do have to say, when I hear a track that teletransports me automatically to a good moment in the past, it does make me instantly happy, right now!

Paradis Plage had quite some moments like this, as the guys at the Surf House played a bunch of albums from Barna time, Manu Chao and Macaco among them (not in this playlist though). Funny how things come together sometimes, I´m amazed at life. I did an interview in 2008 with Macaco, which was one of the hardest to get for me. I used to interview the whole global beats scene for a magazine I did with friends, and every group from Barcelona and beyond were happy to share their words on their music. Not so Macaco at that time. It took forever and many emails with the managers, but finally we managed and I had a 45min chat on the phone with Dani, which was quite deep. It was also the last interview I did with a singer/band, as the electronic scene was calling me already more and after DJing a while I stopped doing interviews altogether.


Who would have thought I´d listen to all this sound again ten years later working in a Yoga, Surf & Wellness Spa in Morocco?

YOGA_Anne Haack_Paradis Page_Morocco_web

This playlist now has a bit of the old and of the new, “Lik” from Oum is Moroccan for example, recently released but in a remix version, “Marra Fhi Ghnina” from Soapkills is from Libanon, also rather recent, Bobi Cespedes is from a Six Degrees Records release, which I got in New York years ago, Federico Aubele played in La Paloma once when they were holding theses über-amazing Raval Lounge parties, “Amaro Shavo” from Dela Dap! was a total banger when the whole balkan beats train started mit 2000`s, Big Youth is legend from Jamaica, which I came across on a Future World Funk compilation, Amparanoia around Amparo Sanchez was one of the early mestizo groups in Spain beginning of 2000´s, close to Manu Chao, when he was still living in Barna and we´d be literally on a concert every other day! Amparo continues as Amparo Sanchez now (much fun!). Well and Deva Premal and MC Yogi are from the conscious collective of the yoga world bringing us the mindful sound that excells the pratice even further. Shantala I just found recently.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together!

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