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5 – Week Feminine Embodiment Course

This course focuses on connecting you with your feminine essence, the embodiment of feminine energy practices, a connection to your Soul, deep cellular healing, and the embodiment of your sensual, loving, flowing, and free nature! It helps you to process your emotions, bring relaxation and healing to body, mind and spirit!

While we go through strong, as well as soft movement practices, feminine activations, and meditations, you are always free to choose your own way of movement, alongside the guidance that´s given.

The foundation for the course is the 5 earth elements, which we embody in our emotional expression. The course is based on shamanic, tantrik, embodiment, movement and dance practices from over 20 years of research.

What this course includes:

• 2 x 5 videos a 60min

• 5 shamanic feminine rituals

• life time access to the course

• dance, movement, meditation, shakti practices

Price: 220€ / 3 x 70€