New Years Retreat 2015/16 – Journey Into Healing – Goa


I´m very happy to announce a wonderful new retreat in a beautiful location around a little lake in Arambol, Goa (India) for the end of the year! It´s a holistic approach to healing through Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Healing and a Kinesiology Course from Kinesiology Goa. Enter the New Year not only with a new intention but in a new way!

Set in a peaceful location close to the beach with little bungalows surrounding a sweet lake and a yoga shala overlooking the lake, this retreat will give you the tranquility and tools to heal and transform yourself. Yoga will stretch and strengthen your muscles, in body and mind, guided meditation will enhance your vision to understand circumstances and yourself beyond words, and crystal healing will arm you with tools to heal ailments such as stress, sleeping disorder, emotional blockages, pain and much more.

Kinesiology Goa complements the retreat with the integrated Kinesiology Level I Course (12h). The Kinesiology Muscle Test is a simple and effective tool to get to know which food, activities or cosmetics, e.g., support or block your way of being and growth. You will also learn how to locate old feelings that show behind acute emotional stress (anger, fear, confusion, unwanted habits). Working with different coaching and stress release techniques you can de-stress acute symptoms for yourself and others. The course is certiefied by the Austrian Balance Akademie.

Ayurveda Healing Massage, Reiki and individual Kinesiology sessions are available as extra options to complement the healing journey in a holistic way.

Did you ever think about entering the New Year in a different way than in bars, clubs or on cracker filled streets? Then Goa is place. It´s known for its own magic, lush palm groves and green hills, coconut water stalls and papaya juices, Indian masala chai and soy latte, thali and tofu salads, eagles and chicken, raw cacao beans and German cakes.

The location is very close to the beach, yet far away enough to be quiet and with a feel of it´s own. Along the beach you find little restaurants and cafés and 20 min. further down, you get to the local Goan tie dye / jewellery / bakery shopping & concert area.

Accommodation is in houses (single or shared) with bathroom and shower inside. Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and mineral water are provided. Transport from and to the airport of Goa can be arranged, but is not included in the price.


DATES: 26.December 2015 – 2.January 2016 (arrival on 26th December / departure on 2nd of January)

PRICE: Single – 765€ // Shared – 657€


Yoga • Meditation • Kinesiology • India Herbs • Crystal Healing • Reiki • Ayurveda Healing Massage






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