Muladhara: The Root Chakra in Everday Life

root_chakra_carlymarie• Do you trust yourself and others? • Do you feel easily safe and secure? • Do you feel grounded and stable in your life, energetically, financially and geographically, and with all of your endeavours?

All these questions (and more) relate to the Root Chakra, the first Chakra to work with when we start our Chakra Journey. If the higher Chakras are in full effect but the Root is deficient or out of balance, none of the other energies can fully blossom. The roots have to be healthy and planted in fertile soil, before relationships, our individual potential, compassion, expression of our own will and thoughts, intuition and spirituality can come together to expand. Working with the chakras doesn´t mean to be only spiritually connected and getting access to the higher realms. It means grounding our being in this material, physical experience before we can connect to the subtler energies.

What does the Root Chakra mean in Everyday Life?

The root chakra is the 1st Chakra of the 7 main chakras in our energy body: Muladhara (Sanskrit: मूलाधार, IAST: Mūlādhāra, English: “root support”) It´s the very root of our being, our base, our foundation. The root chakra has to do with survival. When a child is born it first doesn´t see itself as separate from the world, it is one with its mother and its microcosm. The basic need is survival and a safe environment in which trust develops. The quality is childlike innocence. If trust or survival is threatened physically or emotionally in this early developmental stage, the root chakra can be damaged, weakened or brought out of balance.

The chakra is especially influenced by fear.
When we grow up the root is our base, our foundation for life. If it is deficient, we might have problems anchoring our ideas in life, manifesting what we desire, finding stability and grounding in our life or simply planting our roots in fertile soil, finding a home base in and outside of ourself. We´d be like a leave in the wind going from here to there. If it is over-active, material gains, thinking and rigid planning take over hand, without leaving space for the flow of life or spiritual connection to flow thorugh, making decisions dry without natural space for growth.
The element of the root chakra is earth, the sense that corresponds to it is smell. The color is red, the beej mantra is Lam.
The body parts related to it are: legs, feet, ankles, outer genitals, pelvic area, sacrum, lower back, colon.
We can work with the root chakra through yoga asanas, crystals, essential oils, food, color therapy and Chakra Healing.
For a start, use this affirmation below, to start working with the root chakra. You can also download my FREE CHAKRA CHART to learn more about the chakra system in general.


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