Money Magic Day

Money is one of the best spiritual tools to heal deep layers in ourselves. It´s hated by some, it´s loved by others, and very often completely misused by almost everyone of us. People who have a deep, loving, and relaxed relationship with money are rare, and so are people who have a deep, loving, and relaxed relationship with their parents.

Which brings us to the massive healing potential money has! By sitting down with our money issues, we can heal the relationship to our family, ourselves, and our passions. When these blocks are released, life starts to flow more effortlessly, unexpected money starts to come in and we can consciously make better choices around our finances, our earnings, our spending habits, and our savings!

Which price have you paid so far, for not having enough money?

The more we appreciate money, the better we can live and the more we can focus on what truly drives us: our passions, our desires, and our big ass dreams! When money is neither the obstacle nor the excuse anymore, we are presented with the rare opportunity to live life right now. With passion, Joy and love! If we choose so, of course. We can have money and still not follow our dreams, but that´s a different topic.

So, in this workshop let´s unravel the hidden dynamics behind your money blocks, transform limiting beliefs into conscious actions, invite abundance, and get radically clear on what you truly want!

How much money do you need for your dream? How much money do you want to live more at ease? How can you impact the world in bigger ways, when you have more money?

This workshop is usually part of my 1:1 Coaching program and costs double the price, but for this group setting I’m making it more accessible for everyone!

November 14, 4pm GMT (4h)

Price: 99€