Chi Nei Sang

Chi Nei Sang is an ancient Taoist Thai Massage technique that helps to bring vital energy into flow. It focuses exclusively on the belly area, massaging specific acupressure points, meridians and all inner organs. Chi Nei Sang aids in releasing old stored emotions, energetic blockages, toxins and any imbalances from the body, that interrupt the natural flow of chi, life force energy. It works on the seat of our vital energy, the hara.


Chi Nei Sangs helps with:

• sleeping disorder

• anxiety

• digestive problems

• emotional imbalances

• supports in detox and fasting

• eliminates toxins

• increases energy flow in the body

• strengthens immune system


A session takes 1 hour • 80€




“Thank you som much for the Chi Nei Sang. Anne is so in tune with her practice and I’m impressed by her holistic and sincere approach. The abdominal massage was “to the point” and I’m still receiving gifts from the treatment. And as a bodyworker I would love to work and learn more from her.” – Jan (Norway)


To book a session in Berlin follow this link and send a message with your time preference to

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