Light Codes of Isis

6e8700b6ad8c6066e826ade6782a2c16The light codes of Isis are an initiation into the healing and frequency of the Divine Feminine, ascended masters such as Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis and Inanna as well as female priests and Goddesses. It´s a vibrational alignment of each chakra to the life force energy within, which brings about a balance in the Divine Feminine energies and the Sacred Masculine, harmony and peace.

After the initiation a rearrangement of your system takes place, which can produce heat waves, increased energy, awareness, different sleeping patterns as well as prophetic dreams. After your system has adjusted to this new frequency you will be aligned with the Divine Feminine flow, attuned to your intuition, and aligned with the feminine flow of the Universe.

In person and via skype.



A Session Helps to:

• align the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine within

• balance the energy body, mind and Soul with higher guidance

• release stress and anxiety

• heal on a cellular level

• deeply relax and restore

• increase intuition and flow with life

• release patriarchal patterns from the subconscious mind

• align the Soul with the feminine spirit of the Universe


One session takes 30min • 45€ / $50


<strong>To book your session leave a message below</strong>


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