Life Change: How To Transition Smoothly from Past to Present

© Picture by Tattly Stina Persson

© Picture by Tattly Stina Persson

Life changes and inner transformations occur every few years when our soul calls us to align again with the path. Every time we leave something behind that has become outdated, too small, too limiting and simply not aligned with our soul goal, we transition into a new version of ourselves. Old skin has to be shed and new one has to grow, so being in this crucial in-between stage can feel very, very uncomfortable. Frightening at times, downright confusing at others. Vunerable most of the time. Walking in the unknown, not really knowing why the old has to go (it has become oh so comfortable over time!) and what the new might be (newness, what? growth? not comfortable at all!) can be quite a challenge. What a mess.


Life Transitions – Walking the Path of the Unknown

Sometimes it feels like there is no way forward or as if being completely stuck. As if impossible to take decisions, because every decision seems to be somewhat wrong or outdated or too much of the mind and not of the soul. Not easy this. No amount of scribbling down ideas, feelings and emotions can reveal what the soul wants, so what is left is utter cosmic chaos. A nice potpourri of confusion that is slowly, slowly dissolving ideas, thoughts and goals, desires even, so that the new can emerge. A blank slate. Nothing the ego, which likes to keep things under control, can hold on to, so obviously the more frightening and confusing it gets.


Then, the only things that´s left is to wait. To be. And to sit with it. Listen within. And let the soft, soft, almost silent voice emerge that might have a little clue. Just a little. Just a tiny direction. Just an impulse. A push or a pull towards something. A physical sensation.


This moment is extremely crucial, because it´s the tipping point of either jumping over the cliff following the voice of the ego, plausibly thinking it´s the voice of the soul, or staying and letting yourself be pulled towards something which doesn´t necessarily seem to be plausible at all. Like no logic behind it. Apart from the logic of the heart, which has it´s own logic.


Letting Life Change Itself

Life can change dramatically after that, or – if following the first case scenario – will be changed by your head according to plans and ideas, but that´s not the same. Anytime you try to execute ideas, plans and goals with a massive action plan behind, rest assured the plan is not designed by God. It might work, but it will be a lot of work.


Anytime you feel a pulsation inside of you, a pull towards something, a tiny voice that says: What if I just try this? Or, what if I just let this go, it´s such a burden? Or, what if I simply stay here and see what happens? That´s when the magic happens. That´s when circumstances, people and the divine flow align in a way that you could not have imagined before, but once it unfolds in front of your eyes, it makes perfect sense. And not only that, it feels really good in your body. It´s a physical sensation that tells you: yes, this is it.


Still, you might be walking in the unknown not exactly knowing what comes next, but the soft pull is the indicator where to go. What to let go off. What to try. Over time it becomes easier to follow, to notice, to feel. JOY is the indicator that says: yes! 


The Law of Effortless Ease

Deepak Chopra talks in his book ‘The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success‘ about the Law of Effortless Ease. That includes:

  • acceptance of people, situations and circumstances as they are
  • taking responsibility for our your actions, seeing every moment is an opportunity in disguise
  • defencelessness, letting go of the need to defend a personal point of view

Does it work? Yes.

Do you need a lot of courage to follow through? Yes.

And all of a sudden there is a tremendous amount of ease and effortlessness about everything you do. There´s not much doing involved, everything rather unfolds and what needs to be done, is done, but it´s effortless and JOYful, not a duty. Creativity starts to blossom and you feel yourself becoming lighter and inspired to try new ways. Things come to you, rather then you chasing things and the thinking mind nicely gets a break. Magic.


Trust – Overcoming Fear

The first inclination will always be to run towards the known. The safe. The comfortable. The voice of fear tends to come dismantled in many sneaky ways, such as: Sudden disinterest in the new idea, destination or path, logic taking over telling you many reasons why the old is still the best, giving you many negative points about the new direction since there is seemingly not much in there (yet!). Because: Only when you follow through, the invisible becomes visible and this is when the hidden gifts appear.

The known, the safe and the comfortable will always be there. So why not try something new, unknown and seemingly unsafe (but maybe so much safer, since in alignment with the Divine)? It´s a challenge. But worth the try. There is no failures, only lessons to be learned. And opportunities to be explored. And there is only one life to be lived. Let´s ditch the idea of another life and saving up for later.

One friend of mine from India recently said to me: ‘When in doubt, always take the road towards God.’

And even if you don´t believe in God or a higher power, equally take the road that is more exciting (remember JOY is the indicator), less predictable and full of new opportunities. There is fine line between waiting for something to happen, and letting it happen when the time is ripe. There is a fine line between letting something go, because it´s outdated and simply not in alignment with the soul anymore, and discontinuing with something that might still be of value. And there is also a fine line between the soft voice inside that shows you the way, when you listen, and the voice of the rational mind (and the ego) that keeps you on that safe track (which eventually always leads to boredom, unfulfilled desires and and a potential never fully explored).


How to Navigate The Transition

Whenever I was in a transition, and there have many of them, from studying and doing odd jobs to becoming a DJ in Barcelona, to changing cities, starting to do street art in Morocco, going to places which called me karmically with no apparent reason, but once in that place all the reasons showed themselves, to starting to travel as a yoga teacher and healer and setting up retreats in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, there have been challenges. There are many twists and turns on the way and the growth and soul searching constantly continues. It´s the road of expansion versus staying in one place (internally, not necessarily externally) that allows no growth.

However, any time I am facing a transition, especially when it involves the very soft pull and no logic behind, I would ask myself: If I had only one more year to life, what would I do? 

The answer is usually quite clear.

Recently I went through a change that started a year ago and kept me in free fall for several months, although the feeling stages changed in between. Most of my own methods of automatic writing, drawing, journalling, meditation failed me. So a friend of mine from Argentina, Flavia Kudach, who is a creative and empathetic soul, helped me majorly with art therapy. That really did the trick. This time I used plastilina to model the place I wasn´t quite sure about being at or heading to. And it showed me exactly where to be.


What else can you do to transition a life change smoothly?

Ask yourself: 

• Which decision makes my life more exciting, rich and gives space for new possibilities?

• What would I like to try, but haven´t done yet?

• What would be the easiest and most effortless thing to do for me right now?

• What do I really need in this moment?


Sometimes the answers are already the direction. Sometimes a little more soul search is needed. Then art therapy, emotional release techniques or creative expression can be a great way to communicate from the subconscious and the soul level, what the rational mind can not put into words.


Or try a visualization technique to tune into colors and sensory perception.

• When you think of a direction in your life that you`d like to take, or when you are unable to decide between two options: which colors, scents, images and temperature come to your mind? Is it pleasant or rather not?


If the colors, scents, images and physical feeling don´t match the vibration of JOY, than it´s probably not the direction to take.


Follow the path of JOY and magic will unfold.



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