Just Dance: Playlist for Awakened Spirit Yoga


The kind people of Awakened Spirit Yoga asked me to contribute a playlist from the Just Dance events here in Rishikesh to their Spotify, so here we go! I haven´t uploaded a list in a long time (sorry for the ones waiting for the newsletter sounds), because I´m not teaching much asanas at the moment, since I´m not practicing much myself. And usually the rule is, teach only as much as you practice yourself.

However, the Just Dance events brought me back to sound, creating playlists that combine the former Chakra Dance events, yoga playlists and the Berlin DJ vibes into one sound wave. The aim of the events is to enable people to tune into themselves, their energy and the people around them, while releasing stuck energies and simply dance to their hearts content,  to find peace and relaxation after the musical wave has passed! Taking Ecstatic Dance and 5 Rhythms a step further, inviting the electronic sounds as much as the mantras, plus integrating a bit of heart warming swing, playfulness and energy work.




And here is a video from the event (thanks to Raj for the edits):

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