Personal Energy: How to Maintain a Strong Energy Field

large-palo_santo_environment_shot2_forwebOne of the most frequently asked questions in workshops is how to maintain our energy ‘clean’ and ‘strong’ so that we are not dragged into another persons energy, or worse, might even loose energy through contact with another person.

Being a hyper-sensitive being, who reads positive and negative energy in food, places and people quite easily, it took me a few years to get clear on when I was actually feeling my own energy and when I was taking on something from others. Just recently I met with a friend and although I felt really good about the meeting and was happy to re-connect and the funny conversation, I felt great sadness for no reason the following day. I then asked him: ‘Do you feel lots of sadness recently?’ and he said yes. So here you go, not mine, at least I noticed, so I simply decided to let it go.


We Are Energy

Scientifically seen, we are all energy beings in an energetic environment made of atoms that are influencing each other. According to yoga philosophy we not only have a physical body, but also an energy body made up of 5 different layers, called koshas (physical, pranic, mental, emotional, soul). And in energy work we speak about the aura, the energetic field surrounding us, which registers emotions, illnesses and vibrations before we can see, hear or touch them through our sensory perception.

Research has shown that couples who are in love are energetically touching their fingers together, when they think positive thoughts, whereas they are not energetically touching when they harbour negative thoughts against each other. The aura tends to enlarge when we have positive thoughts and feelings, whereas it tends to shrink when we have negative or depressing thoughts and feelings. This is registered unconsciously by the people we get in touch with.


Energy Vibration in and through the Throat Chakra

Seen from a chakra perspective, the throat chakra relates to sound, sound relates to vibration and vibration expands through space. Meaning that every word we say vibrates energetically through space, and also every thought we think vibrates through space, sending out information to others.

The vibration a word carries is not so much influenced by the meaning of the word or the meaning of the sentence it is placed in, but rather by the thoughts and feelings behind it. For example, we might have a conversation with someone smiling at us talking about a positive or neutral subject, yet we get a really strange feeling from that conversation. In that case it simply means the words and the thoughts behind (intentionally or unintentionally) don´t match, hence the energy of the spoken words is not in harmony with the actual thoughts and feelings of the person, causing a dis-harmonious feeling in us.


You know that person at work that is always super nice, yet you can’t put your finger on it why you get such a creepy feeling from him or her? Well, that situation.


Energy Loss Through Conversations

A dis-harmonious feeling because of a conversation might not only give us a strange feeling, but can actually result in a loss of energy. When that happens we feel drained and depleted, start yawning, or while still in the conversation, look continuously on the phone and can´t wait to leave the place. The body might get more tense and instead of leaning towards the person we cross our arms in front of the chest and tend to lean away. That´s an intuitive protective mechanism.

Some conversations simply give a strange feeling because we are not really in tune with the other person. Fair enough, we don´t need to get along with everybody. However, some people can properly drain us, because they are experiencing a lack of energy themselves, be it because of a personal crisis, negative emotions, depression, ongoing anxiety or illness. When we enter a field of this vibration, it usually just sucks us dry, which makes us feel sleepy, with little energy and vitality or even picking up on some of the negative emotions of the other person. If you feel sad all of a sudden after a conversation, although you were happy before, know it´s not yours.

Depending on how sensitive we are to one another (the empaths and hyper-sensitive beings can relate and some of the Reiki trainees too), there is a lot of information out in the ‘field’ that we pick up on and unintentionally believe it as ours. That´s a boundaries issue, too, when our boundaries blurr and we accept somebody elses stuff as ours, but that´s a story for another article.


Ways to check in, if what we are feeling is actually ours, is to get clear on:

• How do I feel before a conversation, and how do I feel afterwards? Is that always happening with this person (aka is this person an energy vampire for me) or did this only happen today?

• How do I feel before entering a building, how do I feel afterwards?


Not only people can have an influence on our vital energy, but also places, cities and countries. For me, Sri Lanka was a major energy loosing place, be it because of karma, bad luck or the energies of the recent civil war, poverty and suppression in the country. Whereas in Bali, Koh Phangan and India I always feel super high.

We are like walking batteries that are being charged or uncharged according to the environment. But since we do have personal power and are responsible for ourselves, it´s also our task to take care of our energy level! It´s our job to re-charge us in case we loose energy and to maintain a stable energy level overall, based on self-care and self-love.

If a situation or place keeps sucking our energy, it´s upon us to decide to better leave. If certain places feel very peaceful, relaxing or energetically powerful to us and therefore charge us, it´s also upon us to decide to spend more time there.


Ways to release, charge and re-charge:

• Make a list of places, foods, activities and people that charge you

• If you feel drained, take a good shower or better bathe in the ocean – water cleanses negative energy

• Dance, do yoga, go running, sweat it out – physical activity and movement release stuck and negative energies from the energy body and at the same time increase the innate vital energy

• Use smudging tools like Palo Santo, Healing Incense or the like to clear the aura

• Spend time alone away from people to recharge, digest and restore

• Spend time in nature, healing source number one


Ways to protect your energy field before difficult encounters or if you are feeling very sensitive:

• Use Black Turmaline to carry with you – it´s a boundary setting stone that absorbs negative energies

• Make a resolve internally to not take on anything that is not yours – be it thoughts, emotions, or vibrations of others

• Imagine you have a protective shield around you that reflects everything back



May it be of service,



If you´d like to learn more about how to consciously work with energy, feel free to join a Reiki Training or the next ‘Energy Healing With Intention’ workshop. 

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