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Reiki_Course_2_AnneHaackYoga_webReiki is Japanese Healing practice, in which Universal Healing Energy flows through the hands of the practitioner. It has a deeply relaxing effect on the body-mind-spirit, de-stresses the whole system, releases negative energy and energetic blockages – physically, energetically and mentally, helps the immune system to work at optimum level and activates the body´s self-healing capacity.

In a Reiki session the patient lies relaxed on her back, clothes on, while the practitioner places her hands softly on different parts of the body. In a normal session the body readjusts itself and the energy flows where the body needs it most. Reiki works on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

In case of chronic physical ailments, deep emotional wounds or trauma several sessions are recommended.


A Reiki Session helps to:

• release physical ailments

• release stress and anxiety

• get a deep sense of relaxation and renewal

• release negative or blocked emotions

• uplift the mood

• support the immune system in healing body, mind and spirit

• restore the overall energy level of the body

• support a healing process next to allopathic medicine

• heal emotional wounds


One session takes 1 hour • 70€

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Read more about Reiki`s benefits and results from sessions here.

Reiki Courses are available, too. Check out the course page for the next dates.


“I want to dearly thank you for the generous reiki session – it was helpful in a crazy strange way even though im really a skeptic about these things. I’m glad to have met you because somehow it has lead me to realise that I need healing in my life and that i’ve really been ignoring that. In some sense I feel now like beginning a quest of healing.” – Rebana J. (India)


”Hi Anne, I am writing because it has been 21 days since receiving my Reiki attunement and it has been an awesome three weeks. I have never felt so “in flow” and in tune with the world around me and I have appreciated all the personal insights that have arisen through my daily Reiki sessions. New habits have definitely been formed. Thanks for everything!” – Sarah (US)


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