Distant Healing

In a Distant Healing session symbols are used to establish a connection between the healer and the healee. The healing energy is send to a specific body part in need, a specific purpose or for overall well-being and relaxation. It´s very similar to a personal healing session, sometimes even stronger!

After scheduling a time convenient for both of us, you lie down comfortably to receive the healing. Afterwards we have an exchange over skype how it felt and what we both perceived during the session.


A Distant Healing helps to:

• release physical ailments

• get a deep sense of relaxation and renewal

• release stress and anxiety

• release negative or blocked emotions

• uplift the mood

• support the immune system in healing

• restore the overall energy level of the body

• support a healing process next to allopathic medicine

• heal emotional wounds


A session takes 1 hour (including skype sessions afterwards) • 60€


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