Chakra Healing


Chakra Healing session helps to bring your life force energy in the body and your seven main energy centers (chakras) into flow, release blockages and negative emotions, thoughts or habits from the body-mind and relax the whole system. Each Chakra corresponds to a specific area in your life and to a specific part of the body (related to organs, glands and body parts). The chakras correspond to emotions, habits, beliefs, physical ailments and life themes.

During a Chakra Healing session each Chakra is stimulated through different channeled healing eneries transmitted through the hands and additional mindful healing techniques. The session is supported by specific crystals, which help to raise the vibration in each Chakra, release blocked energy and karmic imprints, and restore your overall energy and well-being.

Through visions, words, sounds or animal totems I might receive additional information on which chakra needs the most attention, or which decisions or steps in your life might be important.


A Session Helps to:

• get clear on what´s important for you right now

• release unwanted, negative feelings or emotions

• release stress and anxiety

• heal minor physical problems or support the healing of chronic ailments

• deeply relax and restore the vitality of your body, mind and spirit

• heal emotional wounds

• release old habitual patterns that don´t serve you anymore


One session takes 1.5 hours • 130€ / $150


‘When I asked Anne if she would be able to offer me her chakra healing practice, I was feeling generally quite miserable. 

Laying down and having crystals placed along your body for some people might seem at first a bit daunting and strange but I allowed myself to relax as I knew I was in safe hands with a very intuitive person guiding the session.

While lying on my back, the crystals on my abdomen and solar plexus felt like they were burning. It wasn’t a completely unpleasant sensation but one that I could not ignore. Anne later spoke about this area a lot in terms of self-belief and finding a creative outlet for what was going on to me emotionally. She had picked up strongly on the places that I had suspected but also went deeper.

As a very down to earth person, Anne was able to explain things to be in a very practical way. She could tell that I wanted detail and suggestions and although healers of this nature can only work with what it is they pick up from you, she was able to give me a lot to think about. I remember feeling tired after the experience but also excited, as if my chakras had customised a game plan for me.

I was told prior to the healing that I may fall asleep or experience dream like sequences. This didn’t happen to me although I did feel a wave-like momentum in my body. It was as if I was floating on a lilo on a windy day. I usually get seasick just looking at water but strangely, this was really relaxing to me and although I was awake the entire time my body was in a very deep relaxed state. Since the chakra healing the most notable physical change is that I haven’t experienced sea-sickness since!

- Sinnead A. (UK)


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