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Intuitive Chakra Coaching Sessions help you to access your full potential, connect you to your soul goal, navigate challenging life situations and passages of transformation, current emotional upheavals or spiritual disconnection. They are here to shine a light on questions unanswered, give a space to let shadows surface and restore and renew your energy! Each session is based on the ancient chakra system from India, which connects us to our innate life force energy.

A session includes emotional release techniques, art therapy, guided meditations, power animals, writing, guides / tarot, rituals, Reiki Distant Healing, talk therapy, questioning and whatever else arises intuitively through the session. Each session is unique to you and your theme, however, it requires you to be open for change and also make changes in your lifestyle and behaviors if you´d like to experience lasting change!

A coaching session gives you the space to share what your current challenges are. It opens a space to see yourself from the outside to understand the connection between your actions, habits, beliefs and experiences.

Each sessions shine a light on the root cause of the issue, including unseen parts and shadows, to release underlying stress, karmic imprints and unnecessary conditioning.

A Session Helps to:

• get clear on what´s most important for you right now

• access your strengths and full potential

• transform outdated beliefs into conscious actions

• release stress and negative emotions

• listen to your soul goal

• access your subconscious mind to release hidden dynamics

• transform challenging relationships into conscious connection

• release karmic imprints & conditioning

• get a clear picture of the next action steps


A session takes 1.5 hour and can be conducted live or via skype  90€


I´m looking forward to connecting with you.



“The space you gave lightened all. Thanks!” – Cintia (Aus)

“Hi Anne, how are you? I was thinking about my next step in life (big thoughts;)) and you popped up in my brain. Just wanted to let you know that I think that you are a very inspiring person and in the one week we shared you made a big impact! Love, Sanne”

“Today was incredible, it´s the first day of the rest of my life. Much grateful for your gifts. And thankful life can be so sweet. You find the needle in the hay stack, really. My heartfelt gratitude!” - Cintia (AUS)


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