Coaching (live & skype)


A coaching session gives you the space to share your current challenges. It gives room to see yourself from the outside to understand the connection between your actions, habits, beliefs and experiences, all the way back down to the root cause. Life presents us with challenges so that our Soul can grow, when we understand the lesson, this is when transformation happens!

Through my spiritual gifts I support you to get crystal clear on what´s the root cause of your challenge so you can release the underlying emotional imprint. Through these sessions you will be able to see your full potential, understand your Soul goal, navigate challenging life situations and passages of transformation.

Each session allows you to bring up unseen parts of yourself, shadows and core wounds, to release underlying stress, karmic imprints and old conditioning. We shine a light on your blind spots so that you can restore and renew your energy in a space of harmony and peace.

Each session is tailored to your needs and includes one or more of the following: Active Listening, Emotional Release, Art Therapy, Guided Meditation, Constellation, Shamanic Power Animals and Energy Healing. Every session is unique to your theme, however, it requires your absolute commitment for change and a mindset to allow lasting transformation to happen, which includes lifestyle and behaviour changes!


A Session Helps to:

• get clear on what´s most important for you right now

• access your strengths and full potential

• see what is holding you back

• transform outdated beliefs into conscious actions

• release stress and negative emotions

• listen to your Soul goal

• access your subconscious mind to release hidden dynamics

• transform challenging relationships into conscious connection

• release karmic imprints & conditioning

• get a clear picture of the next action steps


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Single session: 1.5 hours in person or via skype • 110€ / $135

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Package of 3 sessions • 300€ / $370

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Package of 5 sessions • 450€ / $555

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“The space you gave lightened all. Thanks!” – Cintia (Aus)


“These few sessions are more effective then three years with a psychotherapist! Thank you so much. Madaleine (UK)”


“Today was incredible, it´s the first day of the rest of my life. Much grateful for your gifts. And thankful life can be so sweet. You find the needle in the hay stack, really. My heartfelt gratitude!” - Anita (AUS)


“You helped me to see underlying issues, I was absolutely not aware of. Thank you!” – Sarah (Canada)


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