Somatic Empowerment

Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing session helps to balance all chakras, brings the life force energy into flow, releases blockages and negative emotions, thoughts or habits from the body-mind and relaxes the whole system. Each Chakra corresponds to a specific area in life and to a specific part of the body. It influences emotions, habits, beliefs, physical ailments and life themes. Furthermore, spirit guides and ascended masters are called in to empower each session.

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Reiki is Japanese Healing practice, in which Universal Healing Energy flows through the hands of the practitioner. It has a deeply relaxing effect on the body-mind-spirit, de-stresses the whole system, releases negative energy and energetic blockages – physically, energetically and mentally. It helps the immune system to work at optimum level and activates the body´s self-healing capacity.

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Distant Healing

In a Distant Healing session symbols are used to establish a connection between the healer and you over a distance. The healing can be done as a full body session for your overall well-being and relaxation, for specific body parts in need, or a specific purpose. It´s very similar to a personal healing session, sometimes even stronger as it involves spirit guides, travelling to other dimensions and shamanic power animals.

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Intuitive Coaching (available in person and via skype)

An Intuitive Coaching Session helps you to access your full potential, connect you to your soul goal, navigate challenging situations and moments of deep transformation, current emotional upheavals or spiritual disconnection. They are here to shine a light on questions unanswered and let shadows surface to gain clarity on the next steps to take. A session can include Kinesiology, Emotional Release Techniques, Art Therapy, Guided Meditations, Rituals or working with Power Animals, depending on your life theme.

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Ayurveda Healing Massage

Ayurveda Healing Massage is a signature treatment that evolved over years of studying and working as a massage therapist. It includes Ayurvedic Abhyanga (oil massage with self-made herbal oils), Acupressure, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Meridian Work and Energy Healing. A complete massage session starts with the toes and ends with the head.

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Chi Nei Sang

Chi Nei Sang is an ancient Thai massage technique that helps to bring vital energy into flow. It focuses exclusively on the belly area, massaging specific acupressure points, meridians and all inner organs.

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Kinesiology Muscle Testing is a simple and effective tool to get to know which food, activities, products, behaviours or people support or block your personal growth. In a session we trace old feelings behind challenging or recurring life situations (anger, fear, confusion, sadness, unwanted habits…) back to the organs, where they manifest physically and release them through de-stressing methods and positive affirmations.

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A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all private sessions.

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