••• GODDESS Cacao Ceremonies & Souljourney for Women •••

A strong and insightful journey into your soul space of knowingness to release what no longer serves you and polish what is here to shine! We´ll be working with the energy of the TANTRIK HINDU GODDESSES, the 10 Mahavidyas, which are also known as the embodiments of Shakti (Kundalini Energy) to invoke your strength, clarity, softness, vulnerability and deep Feminine wisdom. After spending 2 years in India meditating and receiving the call of the Goddesses several times, wherever I went, I´m sharing their wisdom now in ceremonies.


Connect to your source of power, find tools to release and restore your energy, tap into the receptive and soft as well as the strong and fierce aspect of your Soul, and let your light shine to set powerful intentions!


Tripura_sundari_4In ancient Tantric practices Goddesses have been worshipped to gain their blessings and integrate hidden aspects of the psyche into our full BEing. Each Souljourney is entirely new, as it is a channeling from each respective Goddess.

Our warm-up before the ceremony will include tantrik and energy healing practices, movement and dance. The main part is the channeled guided Souljourney with the Goddess and her particular gifts for each session.

The healing will be supported by Mother Cacao, an ancient medicine plant that serves to open and heal the heart, helps to enter into a deep meditative state and stimulate your intuition, insight and higher guidance. Plus group energy transmission, as they help us to align with the Universal Source of Energy and Wisdom.

No prior experience is needed.


I´m looking forward to seeing your here!

♥ Anne

DATE: 06. December 2018  // New Moon
TIME: 8 – 10PM
PRICE: 33€ / 27€ pre-register until the 29. November

PLACE: Berlin Kreuzberg (details are sent to you after reservation of your spot)


Space is limited, so it´s important to reserve in advance via transfer and then per mail with your name at: info@annehaack.net



If you´d like to pay via bank transfer, click here


**Good to know: Come on an empty stomach and bring some water, an open mind and some playfulness, so the magic can unfold in the best way possible!

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