Festivals: Energy Self-Care When It Gets Wild

boom-impressionIt´s festival season and by that we all spend more time outside, dancing, moving and being in community. A lot of the festivals offer a great variety of music, healing and other fun activities to engage in, which allows us to let loose and be wild, while equally receiving that healing and nurturing restorative Soul balm.

However, being on a festival can also be intense at time, be it because of the constant sound, the amount of people moving hither and tither, the crazy tent neighbours or the constant need to be everywhere at the same time to get the most out of these few days of utopia and love!

And as fun and exciting as a festival is, of course, it can also lead to energy lows, disturbed sleep, restlessness and physical tiredness. So here is a guide I compiled while still giving sessions at Being Fields at Boom Festival, since hypersensitivity needs a bit of care, so you can check in with your energy on the daily to maintain your boundaries firm, keep your energy strong and have the best experience ever!


7 Keys to Maintain Your Energy Field strong on a Festival

1) Drink water! It might seem obvious but it´s the most overlooked: Drink plenty of it! Water flushes out toxins, keeps you hydrated when you sweat in the heat, the dancefloor and the yoga class and maintains your pH levels in balance, so that you feel balanced too. Coconut water is a healthy alternative too, as it is full of electrolytes, the minerals that you need when you sweat and move, and naturally cleanses your blood and organs. If you usually drink 3 litres of water, drink four of them on a festival!

2) Eat Bananas: Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium and provide your tired muscles with what they need, so that you don´t experience cramps, sore muscles and physical weakness after walking from the dragon tent to the zen temple, dancing at the chill out, yoging yourself together at this famous teachers class and building a sand castle at the beach.

3) Greens are the new black: Yes you heard me, eat your greens. Salads, cucumber, green juices, green apples, kiwis, anything green you can eat (besides grass and weed). Greens help the body to detoxify, are rich in anti-oxidents, eliminate free radicals, helps to fire up the digestive juices for better digestion and elimination, neutralize the pH levels and enrich the blood with oxygen. Especially greens have the healing power to regenerate the cells in the body and bring health to an optimum level.

4) Take some rest: While this sounds counter-intuitive for a festival and where everyone is busy being a busy bee, this is crucial. Just chilling in the hammock, getting sufficient sleep, resting in the afternoon in the shade or reading a book are all good ways to reboot the system, so that the dancing and moving can continue at the highest levels!

5) Spend time away from people: Another one of these seemingly counter-intuitive advices on a festival, but it´s well worth it. Even if it´s just for 15 minutes a day, taking time away from people, best in nature or swimming in a lake for example, helps you to shed all the energies you might have picked up from others, release what is not yours, restore your own energy field to it´s own natural high and then come back to your community fully replenished. Alone time is important to center and ground yourself in what is your optimum energy level. When we spend continuous times together with people especially in big groups, we tend to take on their emotions, energy and even mental states at time. And while at a festival that can be much fun, it´s still not our energy which means it´s layering up our own personal energy. Time away simply helps to release and recharge and stay centered in our own core. Furthermore alone time helps to digest all the different sense impressions a festival has to offer! Since there is a constant bombardment of impulses from the outside, our mind, body and spirit need moments of quiet and rest to assimilate all that to then freshly take in the next.

6) Spirulina Superfoods: These algae tablets are rich in Vitamin A, B, plant protein as well as a multitude of minerals and help the body to not only detox, but especially to keep energy levels at an optimum level. No matter if you feel low, tired, fatigued from walking and action or physically depleted, Spirulina brings everything back to balance and fills up the energy tanks quick. I usually recommend to start a week before festival with the tablets and take them all the way through festival and at least a week afterwards, to help the detox. I have been using Spirulina ever since I trained intensely in Ashtanga yoga in India back in the days, and since then have been taking them ever since. They are also very good for vegans, since they provide a lot of minerals, vitamins and proteins, which as vegans we always have to pay more attention to to supplement.

7) Eat more raw: While for most people a diet of cooked, warm food and fresh fruit and veggies is a good combination, festivals might require you to eat more of the fresh and raw, even if the festival pizza and Israeli food is the most delicious you´ve ever eaten. Since you are spending a lot more time outside, in the sun, moving and shaking, your body requires a lot more minerals and fresh vital energy in form of fresh life force from mother earth. Since all cooked food changes it´s constitution and therefore looses important enzymes and minerals, if not all of them, fresh food in form of veggies and fruits brings in this vital spritz that replenishes the body in an instant. Fresh and raw energy straight from mother earth!

I hope you enjoy your festivals this summer and feel free to follow these 7 keys in your personal life especially when you are dealing with a lot of people on a regular basis, are physically very active and want to maintain your energy field strong.

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Also feel free to comment below or shoot me a message, if you´d like to have more tipps on energy levels and how to maintain your health at optimum levels through energy work and natural healing techniques: info@annehaack.net.





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