Feminine Fuel – Embodiment Course

Your Body is Your Vessel – Feminine Embodiment

Activating your body, means activating your wisdom. Through embodiment we allow the body to show us what truly matters NOW, what we can let go off and what we want to embody more. It´s a beautiful process of getting to know ourselves more deeply, a pathway of self-realization, a ritual of Shakti the life force that moves everything – and the fastest way to realize what moves us at the core. Consciousness speaks through our cells, our movement, our natural physical expression through and to us!

There is nothing more healing right now for the earth than women coming together to dance and move to unite their feminine energy together!

Embodiment is an opportunity to find peace, nourishment and balance within. It´s a way to transmute lower vibrational feelings into uplifting ones, and to enjoy every single fiber of this unique feminine body. In all it´s fullness!

Join the 5-Week Embodiment Challenge!

Week 1: Grounding Practices, Earth Wisdom – BodyConnection
Week 2: Flow Practices, Water Wisdom – Sensuality
Week 3: Power Practices, Fire Wisdom – Purpose
Week 4: Self-Love Practices, Air Wisdom – Connection
Week 5: Expression Practices, Space Wisdom – Expansion

What you get in this course:

• 2 x 5 embodiment videos
• 5 embodied rituals, 1 per element
• private facebook group to exchange, ask, encourage
• 1 practice Sunday morning 10am CET, 1 practice Thursday 4pm CET

Access for 5 more weeks after the course to all recordings. 

I´ve been a mover all my life. From ice skating in Kindergarten, to Ballett as a young girl till my teens, to becoming a DJ in my 20`s, being a yoga teacher in my 30’s and to practicing Martial Arts, Tango and Movement for 20 years now, plus travelling as my primary nomadic way of moving. Movement is the number 1 thing that drives me! All practices in this course derive from my years of study in the field of holistic dance, movement research, intuition, healing, movement meditation, shakti practices and tantra. 

Here is a playlist for you to get a feel for it!

May, 10 – June, 11

Early Bird till May, 6 – 150€

Normal Price thereafter – 220€

For questions mail to: info@annehaack.net