Are you ready to up-level your business? Want to leave your 9-5 and start a new project? Be free and creative at the same time, doing what you love? Do you want to earn more with what you are doing right now? Receive a promotion for your amazing work? Or attract the exact clients you dream of?

Welcome to the Feminine Business Academy! This is a group coaching program that combines spirituality with strategy, emotional healing with clear-cut goal setting, action taking and manifestation principles! It´s about using self-love tools next to business mechanics to step into the grandest version of yourself and make your dreams come alive!

Your success in inevitable. You just have to make the first step!

Week 1: Cutting out Limiting Beliefs

Week 2: Crafting a Vision

Week 3: Creating a Plan

Week 4: Magnetizing your Clients

Week 5: Aligned Marketing

Week 6: Money Magic

This group program is a unique design of spiritual healing with hands-on business strategy that works in every setting: when you transition from job to job, start your own business, or uplevel your existing game!

The techniques we use include EFT, mindset, visualization, manifestation, business and marketing, goal setting, and embodiment.

I´ve been working self-employed for over 15 years now, as a coach, journalist and writer, workshop leader, DJ, retreat leader and festival presenter. I´ve run my own Ecstatic Dance in India for two years, organized retreats in the Sahara Desert, published articles in print magazines, have been published with my artwork in a book, organized parties, done hundreds of pitches of my work, have written thousands of emails, attracted an investor without even looking for one and used manifestation techniques to attract my ideal clients.

This program will help you to align your masculine and feminine energies, to balance passive and active moments, decision making and receiving, flow and action taking.

November 16 – December 28