Energetic Cords: Beware of Entanglement

cord-cutting-featureWe are all beings made of energy, vibration and frequencies. ‘In the beginning was the word and the word was Sound’ is as valid today as when the Bible was written.  


Which frequencies are lowering or raising your vibration?

Just think about it in practical terms: When you say positive things, talk about your love, your passion and your Joy, you feel uplifted, right? You feel something is rising inside of you that gives you more energy to take things into your hands and create, enjoy and pursue.

However, when you hear someone else speak badly about others, complain about their situation and see them generally in a bad mood, unappreciative of life´s gifts, you feel sucked down. Your energy is lowering and you have less energy to do your own things let alone more passion to listen to the other person.

We all have had some experience of this in our lives. When we take it a step further, we also know that places have a unique vibration that can either uplift us or pull us down. Where there is beauty, harmony and balance, be it in nature, in an art show or in a beautifully decorated home, we feel good, bright and sparked. Where there is a lot of grey walls, dirt, and an ambience of nobody takes care of this, we feel dull, uninspired and slow in our energy.


What are energetic bonds between people?

Now let´s have a look at energy between people and energetic connections. Our aura, the energy field that surrounds us, is always touching with people we meet. The more we feel drawn to a person, the more our aura expands and connects with them, even if we are not physically touching. Like this we become more sensitive to them and can also easily tune into their feelings and thoughts. The more we feel stressed by or unattracted to a person, the more our aura contracts and pulls away from them. Our system basically starts to shut them out.

Now, in terms of relationships and friendships we establish positive two-way connections that are seen like golden threads connecting us to the other person either through the heart or the sacral chakra. If it´s a work related relationship it goes through the Solarplexus. If the connection and exchange of energy goes both ways mutually, there is a constant influx of energy coming in and out, which helps to raise the vibration and positive feelings on both sides.


What is energetic entanglement?

The stronger you feel for a person, the stronger the energetic bond is and the more energy is exchanged constantly between the chakras of both of you. However, there is only so much energy that can be exchanged in the same type of quality between each other. Lovers form a lovers bond of sensual/sexual, emotional and mental connection between the sacral chakra, the heart chakra and the third eye (and mostly all other chakras too). Friends form a friendship bond of emotional and mental connection between the heart and the third eye chakra, whereas business partners form a mental bond and power bond between the third eye and the solarplexus chakra.

However, if for example, you are in a relationship with someone intimately, meaning your sacral, heart and third eye chakras are linked together, but at the same time have a very intimate friendship that has sexual feelings mixed in there or a sexual relationship with another partner, there is several highly charged cords going in and out of your sacral chakra, which are creating a confusion in the energy field of everyone involved. There is an interference of emotions, feelings and energy in the two-way bond of the lovers, with the energy of the 3rd party, which interrupts the balance between the two.

Why is this so? Because especially in intimate relationships the attraction and exchange of energy is based on the sacral chakra which happens to be the second chakra, the place of yin and yang, the place of duality and the place of polarity. Notice the number 2 here. 2 partners form a strong polarity, because polarity is created by two opposite energies that are naturally pulled towards each other, like magnets. In terms of chakra psychology the polarities in each chakra in men and women are exactly opposite to each other, which explains the pull towards the other person.

It´s the principle of life force energy in motion, in which the masculine and feminine energies complement each other and raise each other up. That´s why intimate bonds are so strong.

However, if there is a third party or even fourth party mixed in, as in some Tantrik or polyamorous circles, it can be detrimental to everyones energy field, if not everyone involved knows how to take care, nourish and protect their own energy field after intimate contact. Even if only hugging, kissing, holding hands or sensual, sexual and emotional thoughts about the other person were involved (which are based on attraction between two people because of the polarity) a field opens between these two people, cords are formed, but therefore eventually closes the field between the other person and one of them, let´s say the actual partner.

Your chakras are open and maintain balance by giving and receiving energy. However, in situations where there is entanglement with others involved because fields are constantly opening and closing, which you can feel on an intuitive and emotional level, you start loosing energy or even start carrying around something that´s not your own, because too many cords are formed too close to each other and energy is passed on between these fields.

You can also see it like this. If you have a strong bond with someone you love, because your auras are expanded and touching even over a far distance and this person now meets someone new they fall in love with, feel sexually attracted to or start phantasizing about, all this information is straight transmitted to you, where the feeling of ‘something feels off’ comes from. The communication might be the same, but the feeling has unshakable changed.

When the connection in the first place felt clean, mutually giving and receiving and overall very warm, uplifting and bringing a smile on your face, it now feels cold, undefinably interrupted and confusing. You can´t put your finger on it, but something is not in balance anymore, because in order to maintain balance, there has to be two parties in the same type of energy towards each other, not three or four.

You can also see it like this. Everyone has two apples to give. One women gives her two apples to the man. Another women gives her two apples to the man. But he has only two apples of his own to share, so he can only give either both to one of them or one to each of them. Which in either way creates an off-balance.


How to maintain your field strong?

To maintain your energy field healthy and strong it´s important to connect to people that uplift and inspire you and make you feel warm and fuzzy around the heart. The best is to check in after each meeting with someone how this person made you feel. If they made you feel confused, drained or uninspired, they might not be the best match for you. If they made you feel uplifted, inspired and lighting up, they are on the same wave length and frequency with you.

In general, when you have a lot of contact with people, or just ended up in an entangled situation, make sure to cleanse your energy field through salt water baths, smudging, and releasing any cords that no longer make you feel any good.

You can do so by visualising each of your chakras and checking in which cords connect you to which people. Simply ask to be show to which people you still have cords remaining. Then claim your own cords back, ask the other person to hand them over to you and make sure that there is no energetic connection left to anyone you rather don´t want to exchange energy with.

This is to strengthen your energy field. If you are in harmony with another person, your bond will naturally form again and have a mutual exchange of energy between the two.

Make sure that your chakras are fully charged and there is no one-way cords to people, who drain you, disempower you, lie to you, confuse you or twist your mind with nice words.

Send love and light to all of them and then set them free to go their own way.


May it be of service,



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