Destiny: It´s In Your Hands

Quartz crystal from the mountains of Morocco.

Quartz crystal from the mountains of Morocco.

‘We have the lines in our hands, it´s all written in there, but what we do with it, depends on us. We can change the lines in our hands! God loves everyone, he created us, so for sure he loves us. He does not want anything bad for us. So just because someone tells you, you can not do this or you are the black sheep of the family, or this and this is pre-written like this, it does not mean that this is true. People believe all sort of things, but we don´t have to believe this.’

This crystal shop owner of Indian descent, but Muslim by religion, has his Topi on today. And just today he is standing in his second shop, in which a big Prayer flag in Arabic is hanging on the wall behind him. He would smile with every word and keep packing the crystals back into bags, which were spread out over the counter. A few customers had just ordered a whole range of tumbled stones from him. His stones magically attracted me the other day into his smaller shop without any Arabic or Muslim writing on the walls. His crystals are particularly shiny and have a certain attractive glow about them. It´s rare to find a crystal shop that is owned by someone, who knows all the stones and their qualities and keeps them incredibly charged. These are the rare places, where not only the crystals are high vibrational, but the conversations too.

‘And maybe one day we try to do something, and then we see, oh this feels good, actually I can do this! And then we see everything is possible. The society is just so narrow-minded. In India we have big families and neighbours and all believe and talk something. But we don´t need to believe everything they tell us.’

‘So do you think Allah has written our destiny, but we can also influence it?’

‘Yes, it´s up to us what we do with our lives. Allah or any God you believe in has given us a certain way how to live. When we live like this, do the right things and think positive in our minds, we can create anything. We can change the lines in our hands. He never wants anything bad for us, we just have to follow his way. When we are grateful for what we have right now, when we thank him for what we have, we will get more of this. But when we think negative, and compare ourselves to others and then want more and more or something else, it´s not good. People think too much about the paper, they get greedy. But when they die, they can not take anything with them!

Allah has given us eyes to see, he has given us legs to walk and hands to work, so we can do something with that! Other people might have their own psychological thinking and make up stories. So if we think, ah someone said I can not do this, and this is why I don´t do it, then nothing happens of course. But if we follow the right way, and we try things and think for ourselves, then good things will happen. It´s easy.

But you know, we are in Kali Yuga now, the dark age. People are negative, and greedy and they think too much about the paper. They start to compare themselves with others and then think, oh this person is better than me, so I need more now too. Or they see this person is different because he has another skin color. People make up all these stories. God did not create this division. He put all here the same. That´s why we all have oxygen to breathe. Everyone of us. But people think too much and then they create the wrong things. Life is hard like this. But there is always a few that live the right way and show the light also. We have to make the first step, we have to make a step forward.’

He is literally moving his foot forward by saying this. It´s not Friday today, the Muslim day for prayer, but it´s not important. Every day is a day for prayer. Every day is a day to be grateful for. Every day is a day to take action and use positively what has been given to us.


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