Cultivating Kundalini Workshop

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Cultivating Kundalini means cultivating your life energy! It´s a way to increase the energy levels in your body, unlock the power of your chakras, increase your mood and access expanded levels of consciousness.
She is often referred to as the Goddess, Shakti, Divine Feminine or Life Force Energy, the seed of all Tantrik and Chakra practices and the necessary vehicle on the path of Self-Realization. She can be soft and gentle, but also powerful and destructive, if not guided in a conscious way.
In this workshop we´ll look at the origins of Kundalini, practice sacred methods of awakening, cultivating and guiding her and learn how to balance the effects of non-harmonious awakenings, the dark night of the Soul and moments of transition in life, which require you to be in the unknown and surrender!
The practices are experiential, powerful and alchemically distilled from years of working with Kundalini, Awakenings, the Chakras and Meditation.
What this workshop includes:
• Tantrik Philosophy & Subtle Anatomy
• Trance Dance
• Movement Practices
• Energy Healing & Energy Clearing Methods
• Conscious Work with Breath, Bhandas and Subtle Energies Channels
• Kundalini Awakening Meditation
• Kundalini in Buddhism, Yoga and Martial Arts

WHEN: 17. February 2019

TIME: 10 – 15h

WHERE: Rishikesh (location is given upon registration)

PRICE: 4000INR pre-register via paypal / 4500INR thereafter

“In can feel the energy so much, sometimes I feel I´m spinning in a circle even if I sit still. I hope to see you soon again!” – Olga (A)
“The space you gave lightened all. Thanks! Today was incredible, it´s the first day of the rest of my life. Much grateful for your gifts. And thankful life can be so sweet. You find the needle in the hay stack, really. My heartfelt gratitude! It´s like you opened my head and put golden light into it! You took me out of my personal hypnosis… In these few sessions a lot has been seen, takes a minute to integrate. What you do in these session would other people take years. Thank you!” – Cintia (AUS)
“The last few days were very special for me and I start seeing the connections, to every action follows a reaction. The karma principle acts strongly and all of a sudden emerges creativity and intuitively right actions. I´m having talks with people I never spoke to before. I´m also noticing that I don´t need as many words anymore to simply live my true Self as it is… a completely new feeling to live. Very beautiful, but also sometimes demanding, but it gives me a very good feeling that the change in nutrition, the last months in Thailand, Tai Chi, Chi Nei Sang and the Chakra Healing helped to brighten the path to my center, the middle way. I believe you were part of it. Namasté” – Philip (SWI)


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