Which Crystals correspond to which Chakra?

Crystals have tremendous healing power. Despite technically being ‘just’ compressed minerals from the mountains or earth in form of stones, they are more then pretty looking adornments. Each crystal carries a certain vibration and each chakra has corresponding crystals, which help to relieve pain, uplift your mood or heal ailments of the body and mind.

Crystals are very dear to me and I carry several of them with me whe I travel. They are part of my portable altar and there is a whole collection left behind, which would occupy too much weight in the suitcase. I started collecting crystals years ago and every time I enter a crystal shops, there is at least one that´s calling me. The shaman I work with in Berlin recommended me several crystals to continue working with,  which was just the beginning of learning about the effects of crystal healing. It is said, if one particular crystal attracts you, it´s exactly the one you need right now. Juts give it a try. If you look up the meaning afterwards, you´ll be surprised how well it fits.



What Crystals can be used for

Crystals or chakra stones are very complementary for Reiki and Chakra work, but can also be used independently, as for example to charge your drinking water, to take a bath with to renew energy, as room cleaners to absorb any kind of negative vibration and to clear electro-smog. Some crystals have to be cleaned in fresh water every few days and recharged in sun light, others never need to be cleansed and some crystals recharge with other crystals.

Crystals and gem stones can help with anything from blocked chakras, to boosting the immun system, to relieving pain or lifting the mood.


Crystals and Chakras

Chakras 7

To better understand what crystals do and how they can be applied specifically in your day-to-day life, I´ll give you an overview about the most basic ones, which always do some good, and at the same time correspond to your energy centres, the chakras. Our chakras influence us on emotional, physical and spiritual level and can easily give us clues about which physical manifestation has to do with which emotions, thoughts or behavioural patterns.


• First Chakra – Muladhara

1st chakraOur first chakra relates to our roots, family, conditioning and money. It has to do with basic survival, fear and safety, how much we are grounded, stable and also finding that grounding in mother earth. Muladhara relates to the sense of smell. The element for it is earth. The color is red. In the body the root chakra corresponds to our feet, legs, genitals and the sacrum.

How do you find grounding in your life?

Crystals: Hematite and Ruby

Hematite is a greyish stone found very often in Morocco, where you get it as bracelets and necklaces. Even in the desert there is a few berber boys sitting in remote areas, selling their hematite gems! Ruby is more expensive in Europe, though if you are travelling in India, you´ll find Ruby for good local prices almost everywhere, where there is crystal shops (e.g. Rishikesh, Jaipur, Arambol).


• Second Chakra – Swadisthana

2nd chakraOur second chakra relates to one-on-one relationships, creativity, pleasure and food. It has to do with jealousy, envy, expressing ourselves creatively, feeling and emotions, and finding pleasure in life. Swadisthana relates to the sense of taste. The element for it is water. The color is orange. In the body the navel chakra corresponds to our hips, internal sexual organs, the belly, intestines, kidneys, blood flow, lymphatic system, secretive juices and the lower back.

How do you bring flow into your life?

Crystals: Carnelion and Amber

Carnelion is orange-red and quite strong. It doesn´t only correspond to the second chakra, but also to family issues. It´s easy to find anywhere in Europe as well as in India. Amber is a bit more expensive, but also here travelling in India might bring you a nice stone for little coins. It corresponds to the second and the third chakra.


• Third Chakra – Manipur

3rd chakraOur third chakra relates to the sense of ‘I‘, our purpose and our true potential. I like to call it the seat of our God given gifts. I believe it´s our true purpose and divine right in life to recognise these gifts and to let them shine fully without hesitation. At the same time our third chakra is the seat of our ego, self-esteem, strength and power (or the lack of it). Basically it´s the place where we can overcome our ego to fully rise. Manipur relates to the sense of sight. The element is fire. The color is yellow. In the body the solar plexus chakra corresponds to our stomach, the digestive juices, solar plexus as well as the middle back.

How can you bring this spark and the passion for yourself and your gifts into this life?

Crystals: Citrin and Amber

Citrin is a very common crystal easily to be found everywhere among the world. It´s one of these rare stones that completely cleanses itself and absorbs any kind of harmful or negative energy. In case you´d like to protect yourself from negative vibes around yourself, negative or energy draining people or surroundings, Citrin is your stone. I wear it in Reiki and most of the massage sessions, to not take on anything that gets liberated here. Amber is especially good for stomach problems or digestive issues.


• Fourth Chakra – Anahata

heart chakraOur fourth chakra relates to the heart, love, abundance. It´s not limited to one-on-one relationships anymore, but rather to a love for life, for everybody and everything, including plants, animals, elements, the great overall power and existence. Love is all encompassing, a path of oneness. The fourth chakra is the center of all chakras and a gate from the mundane, material first three ‘earth chakras’, to the spiritual last three ‘sky chakras’. Anahata relates to the sense of touch. The element is air. The color is green. In the body the heart chakra corresponds to the heart, the lungs, the ribcage and the upper back.

How can you experience love around yourself and including for yourself?

Crystals: Rosequartz and Jade

Rosequartz is a soft rosée colored stone, yet is has a profound effect. Since most of us nowadays learned how to protect their heart instead of opening it, Rosequartz can help to let go of a few layers. Take a bath with a stone (no other additives to the water, please), keep it as a necklace on your heart or simply place it on your heart when lying down. You´ll feel the effects over time. Jade is a white or green colored stone, soft in effect, and exists in several shapes as pendant, so go with the one you like better. Both stones are easily to be found.


• Fifth Chakra – Vishuddi

throatOur fifth chakra relates to communication and especially to speaking and hearing the Truth. It has to do with how we express ourselves, if we speak our truth towards others or if we are still holding back about things we feel and think. It´s the bridge between the emotions in our heart to voicing them in the outside world. Furthermore, it´s related to creativity and music.  Vishuddi relates to the sense of hearing. The element is space. The color is blue. In the body the throat chakra relates to the throat, mouth and ears.

Do you speak your truth towards yourself and towards others?

Crystals: Turquoise and Lapislazuli

Turquoise is a multi-functional stone, as it protects against negative energies and people in the same way that Citrin does. Turquoise can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, but you can also take a bath with it. Personally, I could feel the effect of Turquoise strongly by having a lot more dreams after putting it in the bath water. Lapislazuli is not as strong, but has a good effect on your throat chakra, opening the channel to help you express yourself. Both stones are found easily anywhere around the world, though pay attention with turquoise, as there is a lot of fake stones around.


• Sixth Chakra – Ajna Chakra

thrid eyeOur sixth chakra relates to our intuition, inner wisdom and insight. This place is not about knowledge accumulated from books, it´s about the knowingness that has always been there and will always be there! The less we ‘know’ the better, in fact. It has to do with following our intuition, trusting our inner wisdom beyond logic and finding our path inside instead of outside. Ajna doesn´t relate to any sense of the body anymore, hence there is no element connected to it. It´s leaving the physical and material realm, so to speak. The color is indigo. In the body the third eye center relates to the head, forehead and eyes and any kind of condition with these.

What keeps you from trusting your intuition?

Crystals: Mountain Crystal and Amethyst

Mountain Crystal is a very healing and calming stone in general. It helps in meditation and can be placed in your drinking water to alter the quality of it. For the third eye it can be placed between your eyebrows, when you lie down. If you take a detox of digital devices for a while and then apply Mountain Crystal on your third eye, you´ll be able to internal see or feel waves and waves of energy to come out of it! At least I did when I took a week of digital detox and daily meditation for myself. Amethyst is a stronger stone as it helps to break unconscious, unnecessary patterns. You can place it on the third eye or simply put it in your pocket. Other than that, you also find it in different forms of jewellery or often in malas. Both chakra stones are easily found anywhere in the world.


• Seventh Chakra – Sahasrara Chakra

Chakra_CrownOur seventh chakra relates to spirituality and the higher realms of life. It connects us to our spirit guides, our Higher Self and to the Universe. It has to do with how much we are able and willing to surrender to something greater than the small sum of our parts. Sahasrara is not related to any sense of the body anymore and there is no element connected to it. The color is purple, golden and white. The seventh chakra is outside of the body, just a few inches above the crown of the head.

How open are you to connect with your Higher Self and let yourself be guided?

Crystals: Clear Quartz and Amethyst

Clear Quartz is another stone that absorbs negative energy and at the same time opens the crown to higher realms. Both, Clear Quartz and Amethyst connect you with the invisible, spiritual, and higher wisdom and help you to develop your abilities of psychic knowing (knowing that is channeled directly from above). Both stones are easily to be found anywhere in the world and can be placed on the crown of the head, worn in a pocket or as a pendent on the body.


Other stones to work with

Apart from the chakra stones, I also use these two other ones, which are quite handy to have.

• Black Turmaline: absorbs negative energy and electro smog, you can place it anywhere in the room where it absorbs the most from your electronic devices, or carry it with you, if you´d like to use it as protection against ‘smoggy’ people or surroundings. It helps to establish boundaries.

• Blue Calcit: applied on a part of the body that hurts sucks the pain out and has a cooling effect (I discovered this coincidentally, using it intuitively, and it truly works wonders)


Want to learn more?

AnneHaackYoga-Arambol_Palmtrees_new_webIf you are compelled to learn more, feel free to contact me on how to work with a specific chakra or which stones to use for which ailments. Furthermore, you have the option to book a Chakra Healing or a Reiki session.

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