Creative Chakra Healing & Psychology Workshop

howtomakeacrystalgrid-rainbowAligning, activating and alivening your chakras!

Learn all about your 7 main energy centers and their connection to your body, mind and spirit, how beliefs are formed and how to release the grip of the mind on the body in a creative way.

Each chakra is a coach that exactly shows you where you are at, what you can work on and what can be released: emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually.


Part 1

We´ll have a close look at these life themes:

• Stability/Safety, Family, Money
• Relationships, Pleasure, Lust for Life
• Ego, True Potential, Pursueing your Dreams
• Love, Connection, Community
• Speaking up, Truth, Conscious Listening
• Intuition, Well of Wisdom
• Higher Guidance, Oneness

We´ll also check in with what happens, if one chakra is over-active and another one is weak, how they interrelate and how they influence each other.
You´ll learn how to work with them through yoga, crystals, essential oils, the power of the mind and creative healing methods.


Part 2
A guided in-depth soul journey through your chakras, which will show you the hidden messages from each of them, connect you to your subconsciousness and bring clarity into your life path. It´s a guided meditation as well as an energy release and karmic cleanse that continues to unfold after the session.


Who is this workshop for
Everyone intersted in the mind-body connection intersted in learning tools to transform their life. Yoga teacher who´d like to deepen their knowledge of the chakras and how they affect body, mind and spirit beyons the yoga room. Healers, Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, psychotherapists or social workers who`d like to understand the root cause of challenging life situations, physical problems and energetic imbalances, to improve well-being and release acute stress in themselves and others.


Why am I offering this?
I´ve been working with the chakras, kundalini awakening and energy healing for more than ten years and it seems the learning from and through this divine energy never stops. When we learn to tap into our chakras, they can easily guide us through any situation in life and indicate how to bring the energy back into flow.


NEXT DATE: November 19, 2017
TIME: 10 – 15h
EARLY BIRD: till October 1 = 65€




REIKI LEVEL 1 PACKAGE: with Reiki L 1, November 11 – 12 = 253€ (20€ discount)


Disclaimer: The places in this workshop are limited and only reserved upon full payment of the fee. It can be cancelled up to two weeks before the course, after that full payment or a person who replaces the spot, is due.

This workshop is aimed at giving you an in-depth understanding of the of the ancient Indian Tantrik chakra system and their influence on all areas of our life, to get to know yourself and understand others and challenging life situations from a new perspective with new tools for solutions.

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