AnneHaack_b_n_w_webUncover the Secrets of your Soul: Who Are You?

Most of the time we have not a single clue what lies at the core of our Soul to be discovered. The mind has such a strong grip on ourselves that the images and ideas in our head are building houses, which are not our own.

In a coaching session we will discover the root cause of your challenges, so you can release the underlying emotional imprint. You will discover your life´s lessons and your undiscovered gifts – which together form your Soul Goal. In order to step into alignment you need to let go of what no longer serves you, navigate challenging life situations and divine rites of passages with grace and ease and face the unknown with relentless courage.

When you understand that your mind tells you a lot of stories, which are simply not true,  you can also see, when you are escaping, dissociating or day dreaming instead of stepping up to be who you really are.


Only that which is true remains, that which is untrue will go. ~ A Course in Miracles



• what´s most important for you right now

• your greatest strengths and full potential

• discover your life´s purpose & Soul Goal

• transform outdated beliefs into conscious actions

• release stress and negative emotions

• work with your subconscious mind to release hidden dynamics

• transform challenging relationships into conscious connection

• release karmic imprints & childhood conditioning

• get a clear picture of your next action step in life

• gain greater health, wealth and well-being

• find peace, harmony and balance within


“The space you gave lightened all. Thanks!” – Cintia (AUS)

“These few sessions are more effective then three years with a psychotherapist! Thank you so much. Madaleine (UK)”

“Today was incredible, it´s the first day of the rest of my life. Much grateful for your gifts. And thankful life can be so sweet. You find the needle in the hay stack, really. My heartfelt gratitude!” - Anita (AUS)

“You helped me to see underlying issues, I was absolutely not aware of. Thank you!” – Sarah (Canada)


COACHING Single Session

150€ / 1h

200€ / 1.5h


COACHING Programms

550€ / 1-Month Coaching (4 x 1h call)

1600€ / 3-Month Coaching (12 x 1h call)


Book your 60 min Coaching & Soul Alignment Session over skype here.


Once payed, send an email to info@annehaacknet to confirm an appointment.


For in person sessions in Berlin and the 1-Month or 3-Month Coaching get in touch via:



Also Available:

• Energetic Space Clearing & Coaching

• Energetic Profile of a Company, Family or Relationship





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