Coaching helps you to align body, mind and spirit to take inspired action, understand the root of your current stumbling blocks in relationships, your life purpose and flow with life and helps to shift your perspective from narrow and fear based to open, wide, expansive and love based.

It´s a reminder of self-love, taking actions that are aligned with your Soul and mapping out a plan that is in the highest good and the highest Truth for you and everyone involved.

Being clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, I perceive not only frequencies, but also the unspoken words, patterns that are usually invisible and anything that doesn´t serve your highest growth. Taking on an eagle perspective, I remind you of where your heart truly sits, what possibilities you have in front of you and how to receive what you truly deeply desire.

By shifting your emotions, embracing past situations as lessons and and understanding self-sabotage, we create a new path for you that´s uniquely yours.

Sessions are centered around:

• Relationships: Find true love, release toxic patterns, learn to set boundaries and affirm your needs to get clear what truly fits to you. Whatever is revealed in relationships is a path to healing the inner child, learning new ways of relating, communicating and taking action aligned with your heart.

• Life Purpose: Your Soul has a unique mission and the more you step into it and overcome the fears that come with it, the more empowered you become, which positively affects all areas in your life. No matter if you simply want to have more success, life more aligned, or what to take a leap into the next chapter of your life, I´m here with you.

• Oneness: Finding presence, love and Oneness with all that is, to stay in flow with life in a space of no-mind, at peace and in a harmony, to tap into the answers that are already within. Transformational meditation and presence techniques help you to tune into this state whenever you need it.

Session Packages

4 Weeks / 3 Months / 6 Months

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