If you are looking to BE:

  • More spontaneous & focused
  • Connected to your Higher Self / Source
  • A better communicator in relationships
  • The embodiment of your power
  • Fully trusting in your gifts
  • Being present
  • Your own best lover, friend, mother, father and fairy

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My approach for all Coaching is the spiritual alignment of yourself with your goals and desires. I´ve trained in multiple programmes over the past years inlcuding Reiki Master Training, Kinesiology, NLP, Systemic Constellation, Life Coaching and Meditation. I have a deep desire to help you live in alignment with your heart, your purpose and your goals! The sessions are a combination of clear cut strategy, cut the crap mindset coaching and high level of awareness (clairvoyance and claircognisance) of what your Soul needs right now.

My approach for Healing session is based on shamanic, tantrik and lightworker practices, for empowerment and energy activation. It can be a straight forward healing session, where you do nothing and I do the part, or a healing embodiment session where I guide you through movements to activate your system yourself.

Note: I´m no longer working with deep-seated issues from childhood, but rather with energy activations for more flow, manifestation and ease in the here and now.

Free Clarity Session – 20 minutes

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Meditation: Inner Journeys

1 hour @ €120.00

• shamanic journeys for clarity and alignment, self-love and heart opening, activation of power, oneness and presence, expanded states of consciousness, manifestation

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Vibrational Healing: Shamanic Energy Activation

1 hour @ €200.00 (first session)

1 hour @ €150.00 (follow-up sessions)

• shamanic-tantrik activation of power and self-healing, release of blockages, physical healing, energetic clearing of past (lovers, places, events), chakra alignment, presence

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4 Sessions follow-up à 1 hour @ €600.00

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8-Weeks VIP 1:1 Business Alignment Coaching

• mindset, soul of the business, emotions of the business, colors of the business, aligned impact, head-heart coherence, soul goal, client avatar, marketing/strategy that´s aligned with you, manifestation

What´s included

• 8 weekly 60min Calls

• Whatsapp support 1x week for a question after the Call

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8-Weeks 1:1 Relationship Alignment Coaching

• activating unity in the feminine and masculine energies (transmuting toxic patterns into healthy action), radical honesty, authentic communication, self-love tools, energy self-sourcing, inner guidance, emotional mastery, the Soul blueprint of the relationship (5D/3D)

What´s included

• 8 weekly 60min Calls

• Whatsapp support 1x week for a question after the Call

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6-Months 1:1 Soul Leadership Programme

Change your life, alongside your life

• activating the feminine and masculine within, emotional mastery, magnetic attraction, instant manifestation, courage & commitment, overcoming fears, unconditional love, re-designing the matrix from within, becoming the creatrix!

What´s Included:

• 90min Kick off Call

• 23 weekly 60min Calls

• Bonus: one of my Online Embodiment Programmes

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