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Have you got the feeling there is more to life then you are currently experiencing? Are you doing all the courses and all the classes and still find that something is missing? Are you on a plateau in your current job and don´t know how to take the next step? Is your relationship always the same, but you know there is dynamics that have to change? Are you putting yourself on the back burner and everyone else first? Have you come to a point that nothing from the outside can deeply fullfill you?

Welcome then. I’m here to guide you to the root cause of your challenges, so you can release the underlying emotional imprint. I´m here to help you see your life´s lessons and your undiscovered gifts – which together form your Soul Goal. In order to step into alignment you need to let go of what no longer serves you, navigate challenging life situations and divine rites of passages with grace and ease and face the unknown with relentless courage.

I’m here to point you in the right direction when your mind tells you stories, which are simply not true. I´m here to help you see, when you are escaping, dissociating or day dreaming instead of stepping up to be who you really are. I´m here to help you see your stories of the past, stories of not being good enough, stories of being a people pleaser, stories of hypercriticism and self-sabotage to finally do and be what you most desire.

In these sessions you´ll be supported by tools and techniques I first learned for myself in years of deep shifts after two awakenings, which have then been applied and proven with clients all over the world, supported by intuitive and psychic gifts I had since childhood which have been strengthened through shamanic, mindset and energy work, a Reiki Master training and many hours of meditation, among them extended periods in a cave in India and spending long hours walking through the Sahara desert of Morocco.

You can only lead someone as deep as you have gone yourself.


Are you ready to discover Who You Are?


Only that which is true remains, that which is untrue will go.


Each session is tailored to YOU and includes one or more of the following: Active Listening, Emotional Release Techniques, Art Therapy, Guided Meditation, Systemic Constellation, Shamanic Power Animals and Energy Healing, based on my expertise of being in the field of yoga, meditation & healing for the past 17 years.

If  you are ready to step on this journey together, I ask you for your absolute commitment. There is no one that can do the work for you, but you. Are you ready to dive deep and discover your multi-dimensional Self?


So then let´s get to work:

• get clear on what´s most important for you right now

• access your strengths and full potential

• discover your life´s purpose & Soul Goal

• transform outdated beliefs into conscious actions

• release stress and negative emotions

• work with your subconscious mind to release hidden dynamics

• transform challenging relationships into conscious connection

• release karmic imprints & childhood conditioning

• get a clear picture of every next action step in your life

• gain greater health, wealth and well-being

• find peace, harmony and balance within


“The space you gave lightened all. Thanks!” – Cintia (AUS)

“These few sessions are more effective then three years with a psychotherapist! Thank you so much. Madaleine (UK)”

“Today was incredible, it´s the first day of the rest of my life. Much grateful for your gifts. And thankful life can be so sweet. You find the needle in the hay stack, really. My heartfelt gratitude!” - Anita (AUS)

“You helped me to see underlying issues, I was absolutely not aware of. Thank you!” – Sarah (Canada)


*This service is currently only available for women.


COACHING Single Session

150€ / 1.5h in person

100€ / 1h via skype – every next 15min 25€


COACHING Programms

360€ / 1-Month Coaching (4 calls)

1010€ / 3-Month Coaching (12 calls)


Book your 60 min Coaching & Soul Alignment Session over skype here.


Once payed, send an email to info@annehaacknet to confirm an appointment.


For in person sessions in Berlin and the 1-Month or 3-Month Coaching get in touch via:





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