Chakra Healing Online Course

Chakra Healing LogoTransforming your energy, one chakra at a time. A 7-week journey through mindset, energy healing and meditation, plus yoga psychology and subtle anatomy.

The chakras are a map of consciousness that open windows to the Soul, expand your consciousness and give you access to the subconscious mind. Once understood, they can dramatically change your understanding of experiences, your wellbeing and your actions to bring positive changes into every area of your life.


The Chakras are psycho-energetic centers in the body, related to our central nervous system. They closely correspond to the nerve endings and the energy flowing through the spine, to the glands in our body, our hormonal levels, our organs, as well as specific body parts. Since each organ and body part is kinaesthetically related to a specific set of emotions, which in turn are related to a specific set of believes and therefore behaviours, the chakras are a clear road map to better understand ourselves, our life and how we can consciously manifest our desires.

By using simple energy healing techniques specific to each chakra based on 5000 year old wisdom of the sages from India, plus modern mindset work, we can understand the lesson of each life situation and why it presents itself to us, while having the right tools to easily release, increase and balance the energy in a particular chakra to change our mood, our physical constitution and alter the experiences in our life!


What you will learn in this Course:

• the psycho-spiritual connection of chakras, energy and the body
• physical, energetic, mental and emotional effects of each chakra
• yoga postures, breath, crystals and essential oils to balance each chakra
• mantras and mudras to heal the chakras
• guided and active meditations to release, recharge and balance the energy in each chakra
• in-depth mindeset & manifestation work


About the Course

The Chakra Healing Online Course is a 7-week Programme of Awakening. If you have the deep desire to live life fully, let go of a mindset that’s hindering your growth, understand the connection between manifesting your desires and cultivating your energy consciously, this is for you! Each energy center influences your mood, emotions and behaviour in specific areas of your life. When you learn to see life through the lense of the chakras, you can easily identify why things happen, where the root cause of challenges sits and how to release them. When you learn how to balance, charge and release energy from each chakra and consciously create your life, experiences take on a whole new course! Each week we explore one chakra, starting with the root up towards the crown.


• Week 1: Family, Money, Conditioning

• Week 2: Relationships, Sexuality, Joy

• Week 3: Work, True potential, Willpower, Personal Ego

• Week 4: Love, Self-Love, Community

• Week 5: Expression, Communication, Creativity

• Week 6: Insight, Wisdom, Spiritual Ego

• Week 7: Spiritual Connection, Higher Self, Detachment


You will renew the energy in each chakra each week, release old patterns and increase the vibration where needed.

Furthermore you´ll receive the necessary tools to keep working with each chakra after completing the course.

You´ll not only learn how each chakra affects you in everyday life on an emotional, physical and mental level, but also experience how working with the chakras can change your understanding of yourself, your body and your mind, bring hidden subconscious messages to the surface and release old emotions and blocked energy to fully step into your true power.

However, this course is not something that you log on to and it´s all done for you from the outside. It greatly depends on your participation and commitment, supported by a willingness to let go of what no longer serves you, so you can hold the space for yourself throughout the 7 weeks. The deeper you allow yourself to go, the deeper the experiences facilitated through the course will be.



What You’ll get in this Course

• Weekly Meditation (guided / active) for each Chakra

• Weekly Mantras & Mudras for each Chakra

• Weekly Mindset Manifestation Journalling for each Chakra

• Weekly Crystal Healing & Essential Oils Practice for each Chakra

• Weekly Self-Care Rituals for each Chakra

• Weekly Video & Info Sheet about Subtle Anatomy & Yoga Philosophy regarding Physical Imbalances, Energy Levels, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy and more

• One Facebook Group for support and Q & A with Anne Haack during the entire Course

• One Live Group Coaching & Energy Healing Session with Q&A at the end of the Course (recorded)

• Continuing Education Credits for YA (YACEP) in Yoga Philosophy as a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher



• 7-Chakra Souljourney at the end of the Course

• Kundalini Awakening Breath at the end of the Course

Past Life Clearing of Limiting Vows at the end of the Course



This course is a mirror into yourself and your potential of growth.

Furthermore, this is not only a course, which you can do in your own time and repeat, whenever you want, but it´s an experience. The course is comprised of exercises and tools that are on- and offline, so you will actually feel what you are doing. Research shows that when you do something manually, you embody the messages, whereas when you simply plug-in to something without doing it, the experience can be fleeting.

Therefore, you´ll get a mix of both, recordings and scripts that you can come back to anytime to repeat and feeling exercises that are offline, which you will do for the embodiment of the energy.



Why I offer this Course?


I´ve been working with the chakras and kundalini energy for more then 10 years, being on a yoga and energy healing path for more then 17 years altogether. In this time I had the opportunity to learn from the chakras from many different angles, in many different countries, from many different teachers and sages, though primarily in India. Everything started with yoga and meditation, but eventually took me through the whole chakra ladder, from the physical to the energetic body, and on a path of self-development and healing, learning different types of bodywork, energy healing, Tantra, Shamanism, Hinduism and Buddhism, becoming a Reiki Master and spending extended periods of meditation in the Himalayas.

Since then I´ve explored human and universal energy in private coachings, healing sessions, bodywork, yoga, meditation workshops and retreats with people from all over the world.

I usually teach these practices live, but since many people in the workshops asked my about the techniques I teach to repeat them at home, I decided to make the resources available online too. In this way, you also have more time for integration and for each chakra, and you can repeat whenever and as often as you want. 



Dates & Details

15 October – 03 December 2018 (live 7 weeks)

or start anytime afterwards




Who is this Course for?

You are on a path of self-discovery but want to go deeper. You are ready to learn more about ancient yoga philosophy, understand the connection between your body, your mind, your emotions and your physical reality and want to know how to consciously manifest specific outcomes in your life.

You are a yoga teacher, wanting to deepen your knowledge of the subtle energy body and the energy centers, learn new techniques and discover your true nature. You are a healer, therapist or teacher wanting to integrate new tools in your work, include energy healing, essential oils and crystals, while being able to identify problems in the clients body more easily and knowing how to accelerate the healing process, by working with the mind-body connection.



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