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Chakra Healing LogoWould you like to deepen your understanding about yourself, all aspects of your life and how to overcome the most pressing challenges? Would you like to understand the connection between mind, body and spirit, yoga philosophy, energy work and personal development? Well, then welcome to the Chakra Awakening Course! The chakras are a map of consciousness that once understood and applied dramatically change your overall well-being and bring positive changes into every aspect of your life!

The Chakra Healing Online Immersion is a 7-week Mastermind Program for people like you. If you always wondered how energy centers influence your mood, emotions and behavior, want to learn how to balance and discharge and reacharge each chakra through meditation and subtle energy work, want to learn about the corrseponding colors, mantras and affirmations for each chakra, plus which area of the body and life it influence, this is the right course for you! However, chakra work is also in-depth transformational work, Soul work and shadow as well as light work. So if you are ready to look deep into yourself, own your short comings and take the necessary steps to transform challenges into growth and lessons learned into wisdom, your will greatly benefit from this course! How deep you go is entirely up to you!

About the Course

Each week we explore one of the chakras, our energy centers, starting with the root, our foundation and material life, up towards the crown, our spiritual and intuitive life. Every chakra is related to specific areas of our existence, including:


• family, money, conditioning

• relationships, sexuality, joy

• work, true potential, willpower

• love, self-love

• expression, communication, creativity

• insight, wisdom and

• spiritual connection.


Every area also includes specific patterns we inherit and emotions related to them. Sometimes this is beneficial for us, sometimes not!

In this Immersion we renew the energy in each chakra, release negative patterns and increase the vibration where needed!

This is a path of self-discovery. You´ll not only learn how each chakra affects you in everyday life on an emotional, physical and mental level, but also experience how working with the chakras can completely change your understanding of yourself, bring hidden messages from the subconscious mind to the surface and release old emotions and blocked energy which otherwise might be holding you back from stepping into your full power!

However, this Immersion is not something that you log on to and it´s all done for you from the outside. It greatly depends on your participation and commitment, supported by a willingness to change what no longer serves you, so you can hold the space for yourself to notice everything that comes up throughout the 7 weeks. The deeper you allow yourself to go, the deeper the experiences facilitated through the Immersion will be.

What You’ll get in this Course

• weekly meditation (guided / active, with and without sound) for each chakra

• weekly pranayama & kriyas for each chakra

• weekly energy healing techniques & crystals for each chakra

• weekly creative chakra work

• weekly journalling exercise for each chakra

• weekly video and info sheet about each chakra

• one Live Group Coaching with Q&A at the end of the course (recorded)

• one Facebook Group for support and regular Q & A

• one Distant Chakra Healing Session for the group at the end of the course

• one 7-Chakra Souljourney at the end of the course (recorded)

 Journalling Chakra


BONUS: GIFTBAG shipped to your home for the first 2 subscribers

• one personal 7-chakra lava bracelet from Mala Magic, charged and cleansed


This is not the ordinary chakra course teaching you about the colors, the mantras and some mudras. It´s rather an extraordinary journey into yourself, with actionable tools for your everyday life, that break each chakra down into understandable parts of your psyche, body and energy system. It´s a mirror into yourself and your potential of growth.

Furthermore, this is not only an online course, which you can do in your own time and repeat, whenever you want, but it´s an experience. The course is comprised of exercises and tools that are on- and offline, so you will actually feel what you are doing. Research shows that when you do something manually, you embody the messages, whereas when you simply plug-in to something without doing it, the experience can be fleeting.

Therefore, you´ll get a mix of both, recordings and scripts that you can come back to anytime to repeat and feeling exercises that are offline, which you will do for the embodiment!


Why I offer this Course?

I believe that the chakra system is a path to self-realization, as it offers so many modalities to work with, so that everyone can find the tools that suit them best, right now.

The chakras deliver the framework for where we can go deeper, where we can release and where we can increase the energy in ourselves, which reflects in our experience of living life fully! Ultimately we are the masters of our own destiny, but the chakras are an amazing tool to guide us along the way.

I´ve been working with the chakras and kundalini energy for more then 10 years, being on a yoga and energy healing path for more then 17 years altogether. In this time I had the opportunity to learn from the chakras from many different angles, in many different countries, though primarily in India. Everything started with yoga, but eventually took me through the whole chakra ladder, from the physical to the energetic body, and on a personal path of healing and learning through bodywork and energy work, becoming a Reiki Master and DJ, diving into Tantra, Shamanism, Hinduism and Buddhism and extended periods of meditation in the Himalayas.

Since then I´ve explored human and universal energy in private coachings, healing sessions, bodywork, yoga, meditation workshops and retreats with people from all over the world.

I usually teach these practices live, but since not everyone has the opportunity to attend a workshop or retreat, I decided to make the resources available online as an online group coaching. Like this you also have more time for integration and for each chakra, since the course is stretched out over 7 weeks, but can be done in your own time, whenever and as often as you want. 


Dates & Details

10 October – 28 November 2018 (7 weeks)

145€ Early Bird until 20.September

(220€ regular)




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