Chakra Healing Masterclass ~ Free

Chakra healing MasterclassThe Chakras are psycho-energetic centers in the body, related to our central nervous system. They closely correspond to the nerve endings and the energy flowing through the spine up to the brain, to the glands in our body, our hormonal levels, our organs, as well as specific body parts. Since each organ and body part is kinaesthetically related to a specific set of emotions, which in turn are related to a specific set of believes and therefore behaviours, the chakras are an astonishing road map to better understand ourselves, our life and how we can consciously manifest our desires.

By using simply energy healing techniques specific to each chakra based on 5000 year old wisdom of the sages from India, plus modern mindset work, we can understand the lesson of each life situation and why it presents itself to us, while having the right tools to easily release energy, increase energy or balance the energy in a particular chakra to change our mood, our physical constitution and our experience in life!


What you will learn in this Free Masterclass:

• the psycho-spiritual connection of chakras, energy and the body
• chakras in relationships
• elemental therapy for the chakras
• physical, energetic, mental and emotional effects of each chakra
• yoga postures, breath and crystals for each chakra
• simple aura cleansing technique to charge your chakras


On sign-up you’ll receive a FREE Chakra Chart for download to color in the energy level of each chakra and write down the action steps to work on the chakras.


DATE: October 8, 2018

TIME: 4pm Berlin / 3pm London / 7.30pm Delhi / 10am NYC




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