Chakra Healing Masterclass

Here is the recent Chakra Healing Masterclass that I ran on Facebook. It´s an all inclusive walk through the chakra system including it´s pitfalls and challenges and contains a lot of tipps on how to work with each of them individually. If you post your question throughout this week on facebook, I´ll come back to them to answer them.



• What is Chakra Healing – 12:15
• How I started to work with the Chakras – 16:00
• Chakras in Relationships in Tantra – 20:00
• How to work with each Chakra – 28:00
• How to work with the FREE Chakra Chart for download – 1:27:00
• What to do after the Masterclass – 1:32:50
• Q: How to ground the root chakra after Kundalini Awakening – 1:39:30


JOIN the Chakra Healing Online Course over 7 weeks, starting October 15th, 2018.


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