Chakra Healer Training • Rishikesh, India

Chakra_Healer_Training_webThe Chakra Healer Training is a spiritual training to get to know yourself more intimately.  It´s a space to deepen the connection with yourself, learn valuable tools how to overcome challenges and unravel the intrinsic connection between physical illnesses, emotions and the beliefs behind them. First on yourself, so that then you can pass it on to others.

This course is all about the energy. Your overall energy, your physical energy, your emotional energy, your mental energy, your Soul energy and how you have the power to create great things, when all of these energies are in balance. You’ll learn how to cleanse your energy field, balance and charge your chakras, maintain strong energetic boundaries, understand how energy moves in layers and how to heal and release them. You’ll learn how to raise your vibration and how to use Qui for healing and creation, and how to live a life aligned with your greatest potential.

The course is comprised of ancient yogic teachings, modern healing tools and self-development methods to align, empower and find harmony.



Who This Course Is For

This course is especially valuable for yoga and meditation teachers, energy healers, Reiki practitioners, bodyworkers and everyone on the path of self-realization and awakening. By taking the course you will deepen the connection with your true Self and your healing abilities and therefore expand your gifts when working with others. The work is complementary to any modern therapy. By understanding the psycho-spiritual connection between body, mind and Soul and understand how to work on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level with the chakras, blocks can be released, energy is brought into flow and a sense of well-being and self-empowerment is established.

Once you further your own healing process and learn how to release long-standing issues by learning the lesson behind them, you get to know everyone else on a far deeper level, which has an influence on how deeply effective your healing and therapy tools are.

If you are planning on working with people professionally as an energy healer, it is pre-requisit to take Reiki Level 1 either with me or someone else beforehand, as it furthers the Chakra cleansing process, attunes you to higher frequency healing and opens you as a channel.  I´m available a few days before the course start to give initiations.

If you are working as a massage therapist, yoga teacher or the like, this course will give you tools to go deeper when working with students and clients and use the tools in any type of session to move, direct and heal energy for greater well-being and harmonizing of body, mind and Soul.



What This Course Is About

Each chakra is related to specific pattern, life themes, emotions, mindset and energy levels in the body. By knowing your chakras, you take control over your life and can respond to each situation in a way that helps you to choose the right method to bring yourself back to balance, as well as helping others to do the same.

Everyday life has a lot of demands, a lot of stress and a lot of collective energy that influences us on a daily level and therefore subtly changes how we feel, act and think. In order to maintain a state that is true to ourselves and keeps our energy healthy and strong, it is important to know the basics of energetic hygiene, as well as get very clear on how our energy body, physical body, emotional body, thought body and Soul feel, and what we need in each given moment. 

We all know that we are more then just the physical body. So it´s a question of learning to perceive the subtle energies in us and in others to keep mind, body and spirit in tune.




 We Will Work With

• Root: Family, Money, Conditioning

• Sacral: Relationships, Sexuality, Joy

• Solarplexus: Work, Potential, Willpower, Personal Ego

• Heart: Love, Self-Love, Community

• Throat: Expression, Communication, Creativity

• Third Eye: Insight, Wisdom, Spiritual Ego

• Crown: Spiritual Connection, Higher Self, Detachment




What´s Included

• Yoga for each Chakra

• Meditation & Dance for the Chakras

• Chakra Color & Sound Therapy

• Energy Healing & Clearing Methods

• Crystals & Essential Oils Basics

• Mantras & Mudras for the Chakras

• Mindset & Manifestation 

• Self-Care Rituals

• Pranayama & Breathwork

• Subtle Anatomy & Chakra Philosophy

• Group Coaching

• Ganga Aarti Ceremony

• Nature Excursion



The location for the training is Rishikesh next to the Ganges, on the foothills of the Himalayas, one of the most holy places in India. Rishikesh has been home to many sages and highly evolved beings. It´s a place through which Ganga flows effortlessly, with mountain peaks on both sites, many Ashrams, white sandy beaches, temple bell ringing, chai shops, street cows and mezmerising sunsets. Rishikesh is known as the world capital of yoga, too.

There is also several waterfalls, caves, nature treks and auspicious temples in the area around Rishikesh to be found, so it´s worth to explore!


Accommdation & Food

• 9 Nights & 8 Days in a shared room (or single as an option)

• 2 delicious vegetarian meals a day


Sample Schedule

8am Wake Up

9am Yoga

10.30am Breakfast

11.30am – 1.30pm Chakra Workshop

*Free Time*

4 – 5.30pm Chakra Meditation & Movement & Dance

5.30 – 6.30pm Healing Techniques

7pm Dinner




Dates & Details

23. February – 04. March • 8 Days / 9 Nights

700€ Early Bird till 1st of December / 800€ thereafter

(single room 100€ plus)

BOOKING: reserve your place directly with 200€ deposit. Spaces are limited to 10 people only. Once booked, send a message to to receive all further information and specify your room choice.






AnneHaack_Profile_black_n_white_webWhy I offer this Training

I´ve been working with the chakras and kundalini energy for more then 13 years, being on a yoga and energy healing path for more then 17 years altogether. In this time I had the opportunity to learn from the chakras from many different angles, in many different countries, from many different teachers and sages, though primarily in India. Everything started with yoga and meditation, but eventually took me through the whole chakra ladder, from the physical to the energetic body, and on a path of self-realization and healing, learning different types of bodywork, energy healing, Tantra, Shamanism, Hinduism and Buddhism, becoming a Reiki Master and spending extended periods of meditation in the Himalayas as well as the Sahara desert.

Since then I´ve explored human and universal energy in private coachings, healing sessions, workshops and retreats with people from all over the world. It´s about time to share everything I have learned in a concise course so that others can pass it on as well!




You need a visa to come to India. For short periods of 4 weeks, an e-visa can be issued within 48h via this site. If you wish to stay longer, check in with your local Indian Embassy what that requires.



There is a lot of options for flying to India. Aeroflot, KLM and Air France are the most convenient options for 495€ go-and-return from Berlin. Quatar Airways and Jordanian also fly from Frankfurt and Munich.


Check google flights and skyscanner for the best options form your home country.


Email me if you need more infos regarding the travel.


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