Happiness: How To Reach That Place?

Happiness is what we all seek for. Happiness, bliss, feeling good – ‘achalaga’ as they say here in India. The entertainment, yoga and wellness industry are all based on the same offering – providing solutions to the eternal problem of ‘How to reach happiness’? A mystery to some, a permanent state to others. Some of the Babas wondering in the… Read more →

Double Snake, like the double helix of the DNA, the union of Ida and Pingala and the activation of DNA.

Kundalini Awakening: The After-Effects

An awakening is one side of the coin, the happenings *after* the awakening are the often overlooked and much more important side of the coin, if not a totally new coin altogether.   Kundalini is not a show. And it´s not to be taken lightly. It´s not a drug-like, flashy, fancy experience to tell your friends about and feel like… Read more →


What are the Chakras?

What are the chakras, really? Just energy wheels or a little more then that? Yes, quite a bit more! The chakras are an ancient Tantrik Yoga System from India describing and inter-relating energy, psychology, anatomy, emotions, beliefs and behavior. They deliver a clear system to understand ourselves and give direct tools for greater well-being such as food, essential oils, crystals,… Read more →

giant fig tree (ficus religiosa) in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Ancestors: Healing The Family Tree

Energetically we are all connected to our ancestors. Like a tree that has deep roots in the earth and branches reaching up to the sky, each leaf of the tree is part of something greater then just the components of the leaf. Each leaf is also the tree. In the same way we are individuals, but also our whole family.… Read more →


This is for the Women Who´ve Got It

This for the women… Who decided to leave the old path and embark on an entirely unknown journey. Who noticed that good and old is not what makes the soul grow. Who acted against all fears of the unknown and bravely kept walking forward. Who decided that listening to the heart is more rewarding than listening to the voice of… Read more →


Boundaries: How to Hold Your Space

Boundaries are a big issue. Big, as they are pervading everything: relationships, work, family, the relationship with ourselves, interaction with friends and strangers, food issues, addictions and most importantly our needs and wants. The second chakra in it´s full range! Or said differently: If there is no boundaries, others are invading our space head on. Most of the time we… Read more →


Sankalpa: The Power of Intention in Yoga

Any yogi has certainly heard this from their yoga teacher at some point: “Take a moment and set your intention for class.” I’m asking my students the same and have heard this sentence in almost every Jivamukti class. But what does this actually mean? Our intention at the beginning of class and our intention for our yoga or meditation practice is a… Read more →


Personal Energy: How to Maintain a Strong Energy Field

One of the most frequently asked questions in workshops is how to maintain our energy ‘clean’ and ‘strong’ so that we are not dragged into another persons energy, or worse, might even loose energy through contact with another person. Being a hyper-sensitive being, who reads positive and negative energy in food, places and people quite easily, it took me a… Read more →


Rishikesh: So Why Are You Here?

‘There is places which you can´t take a picture of, it´s all about the energy. Rishikesh is one of these places. You take a picture of the Taj Mahal, it´s always going to be the Taj Mahal. But Rishikesh, you can not capture the energy here in a picture.’ Hari drove us back to town and was simply sharing. He´s… Read more →

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