Relax: A Restorative Yoga Practice To Find Peace

Restorative is, as the name says, a restorative way  to do yoga. Whereas Vinyasa makes you sweat and move quickly, restoratives aims at the opposite – to relax, restore and move slow. Poses are held for a up to 5 minutes and are supported by props (cushions, blocks or belts), allowing your body to relax deeply. It´s the yoga for… Read more →


Reiki: How It Benefits You and Others

Reiki is a mystery. As much as there is scientific evidence about how it works and what its benefits are, there is still something about this energy that is almost inexplicable. Reiki has been in my life for several years and has guided me to new insights, healing and magic – on myself and during sessions with clients. It´s a… Read more →


The Importance of Ritual: How to Start Your Day

Yoga is infused with rituals, from chanting Om at the beginning and end of a class, to burning incense, showing gratitude to gurus and teachers, lighting candles to burn karma and mantra chanting to raise the vibration. It might seem like a superfluous addition to the body oriented practice of asanas, but there is slightly more to rituals.   What… Read more →


The Inner Light: Be Your Own Guru

‘You have to find the inner light. Nobody else can give you this. I can not give you my light, you have to find your own’, the crystal shop owner in Manali said. Earlier this day, before entering his shop, I had noticed how much light he emanated. He had this particular glow around himself.   ‘There is a big… Read more →


Guru Purnima: The Importance of Having a Teacher

‘Oh you are going to India! So do you have a guru?’ – ‘I’ve been blessed, I have several gurus.’ The taxi driver, who drove me to the airport in Denpasar at 3am in the morning was not tired. He had just returned from the Ashram in Sanur to celebrate Guru Purnima, the Hindu holiday that takes place on full… Read more →

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Trauma: When the Past meets You in the Now

Not everyone understands trauma as a path of healing, a path deeper into ourselves, a path to freedom. Although many people have experienced trauma at some point in there life, mostly in childhood, oftentimes we can not remember or recall these events, since children live in a feeling state, not in a thinking state. Anything that doesn´t fit into the… Read more →

Vishuddah: The Throat Chakra in Everyday Life

• When do you hear and speak the truth, and when not?  • How do you use your voice to express yourself: a lot, little, loud, shy?  • When and where do you feel creative?    All these questions (and more) relate to the throat chakra, the fifth chakra to work with when we start our Chakra Journey. The fifth… Read more →

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Anahata: The Heart Chakra in Everyday Life

• What touches you? • How do you breathe: into the chest, into the belly, flat or full? • When and where do you feel in love with life?   All these questions (and more) relate to the Heart Chakra, the fourth Chakra on our Chakra Journey. The fourth chakra is our center for connection to all that is. It´s… Read more →

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